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Convert to mp3 0 1/13/2020
Was Edgar Hoover the cause of major crime existing in the USA today,when he stated back in the late 20's early 30's that there was "NO" organised cri... 0 9/14/2019
Vetting process and why it is important to political parties 1 2/6/2019
Modernizing the Constitution 22 1/25/2019
Help us!!! Please!!! 1 12/18/2018
Tricor Global 0 10/2/2018
"America Must Lead" 0 4/5/2018
What year was america the largest producer of oil? 2 3/25/2018
The burden of “Egypt”. 0 8/12/2017
How effective are web sites that offer US Customs data? There appear to be many "business intelligence" sites on the market through which you are a... 1 7/31/2017
Follow New Fresh 3D Office Art 0 7/30/2017
Love spell with instant results 0 7/21/2017
Freedom 2 5/20/2017
Jan Daley Proves She’s Got It With Her Latest Smooth Jazz Release, The Way Of A Woman 0 4/20/2017
VrRunIT - A Full service real estate digital interactive marketing media agency 0 1/19/2017
What are the natural wonders in the United States of America? 5 9/24/2016
When was the term United States applied formally? 3 9/24/2016
Banking. Banks. 2 7/11/2016
Natural skin care products | Herbal care products 1 4/18/2016
Four New Products of CYCLOP Simultaneously Released in New Year 0 1/21/2016
Modern America is slowly becoming the world described in the book. 1 1/15/2016
GBE2016, Unlimited Business Opportunities for Billiards 0 12/30/2015
Is the united states still the land of the free our cell phones are tracket whats rights do we have the price on everything keep's going up job's are ... 2 11/29/2015
America and the Panama Canal. 0 9/5/2015
Why the American people are so patriotic and whenever you see there are American flags everywhere on buildings or on individual house? 7 6/30/2015
What is barter in the united states? 1 5/20/2015
What is the poverty percent in the city of atlanta, georgia 1 4/15/2015
The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the USA 1 3/14/2015
What was the impact of the automobile and oher technological development on American social and economic life in the 1920's? 3 3/9/2015
Do you think the decade of the 1920's was one in which th American people looked more to the past or to the future? Or did they look in both direction... 2 3/9/2015
So we all know what happened during the wall street crash of 1929 right ? yeah, I DONT ! can somebody please explain to me what happend or better yet,... 3 2/24/2015
Does barack obama deserved to be the president notwithstanding that he is black? 9 2/6/2015
In the case of a National Emergency does the President have the power to suspend the Constitution and claim marshall law, which would give the governm... 1 1/13/2015
Is The American Dream over 5 12/29/2014
What were the cultural changes and tensions of the 1920s 1 12/23/2014
Social Security 1 12/17/2014
National Delt 0 12/2/2014
What % of the military budget is spent on on overseas wars/ aide vs spent on home security and border defense. 1 12/1/2014
What was the greatest contribution of benjamin franklin in america? 1 11/30/2014
What would be a benefit and cost of restricting imports from China? 1 11/17/2014
What human rights are asserted in the original articles of the US Constitution? What human rights are asserted in the Bill of Rights (first ten amend... 1 10/27/2014
Has any body experienced with group marriage my husband and I want to but we don't know yet. 1 10/27/2014
How wide are US highways, 2 lane and 4 lane? 5 9/29/2014
Are there U.S. census maps that show details of the areas census takers work in? For example, The 1920 U.S. census for Lafayette, Mississippi describe... 1 9/21/2014
Whats the population of the usa 2 9/20/2014
How can you be an African- American? 12 9/15/2014
What were the long term effects of European contact with the indigenous peoples? 1 8/30/2014
My question is in regards to a little known bridge in Minnesota that crosses into Canada called the Outlaw Bridge. It was built in 1917 across the Pig... 1 8/24/2014
Hello, I have found different information regarding the new World trade center project; first information saying that the freedom tower will sta... 0 8/19/2014
Why is the united states referred to as america? 3 7/25/2014
What is the predictions of Asian-Americans in the US over the next 40 years? 3 7/21/2014
Why is the United States atop the world in economical leaders? 5 6/24/2014
How did the name America catch on? 8 6/15/2014
Why is it important to criminal law that the United States has a federal system of government? 1 6/12/2014
Can someone tell me why USA is so a greedy nation? 13 6/1/2014
Why do I love America more than I love Britain? 9 5/25/2014
New Regulations for Immigrants 2 5/24/2014
What was the average distance between stops on a stagecoach journey through the frontier in 19c USA? 2 5/23/2014
Texas Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) FAQ’s 1 5/21/2014
How can lenticular apply to promotional products? 1 5/19/2014
How many kinds of effects could be made from lenticular? 1 5/19/2014
Which are the largest five ethnic groups by country of origin in the usa 0 5/2/2014
Troops on the streets of Chicago/ coming soon to your town? 0 4/27/2014
Is there hope? 5 4/25/2014
How many wagons were used in the donner party and what kind? 1 4/21/2014
What should be about Goldman Sachs and other Investment "Advisors" 11 4/18/2014
Does anyone know any extra information about the boeing 787 that was used on the attack on 911? I am doing a persuasive essay and I am supposed to pro... 1 4/16/2014
What are the current problems in computer forensics field, i am going to start my researcch in computer forensics field, so which area shold be be... 0 4/12/2014
Why is the US currently moving toward breaking long held ties to Israel? 31 4/3/2014
Why is the relationship between Pakistan and the US changing? What does this mean for politics in this country? 2 4/3/2014
What is happening with the oil/natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan? 2 4/3/2014
What role does Israel play in American politics? 2 4/3/2014
What is the difference between the corruption and back door deals of the Bushjr administration and the current administration? 12 4/3/2014
JamesDMcAllister and the Police State(Dawn did it...it wasn't me) 5 4/1/2014
US Federal Depatment of Healthcare 7 3/25/2014
In what Charleston S. C. house did John C. Calhoun write the nullification papers? 0 3/18/2014
What state did not go to the Philadelphia Convention in1787? 1 3/10/2014
Whose is the world's economic power now? Is China or USA. Yes, before is used to be United States of America.....i just want to know who is the powerf... 1 2/17/2014
Why are all of the jobs in my field require a person to be bilingual. This is america!!! 6 2/11/2014
Why do people fight in the civil war? 11 1/29/2014
Haiti 4 1/21/2014
Why does the United States insist on buttin in on other countries disputes especailly Islamic countr 81 1/18/2014
Who claimed first the atlantic northeast region 0 1/17/2014
Our feminist dictatorship denies men and their kids 6 most important equalites 6 12/27/2013
My Question; If in the united states the people votes count and it is us who officially decide on some matters at hand, in the senate (on different to... 1 12/17/2013
Which early president of the United States warned again war in the Middle East? 2 12/13/2013
I have valid US green card. I stayed outside usa for more than 18 monthes. How can I go back to my US citizen daughter who sponsor me??? 0 11/8/2013
Federal Reserve Act: Beneficial to the people, or profiteering by the private bankers? 0 6/16/2013
Which country is older united states or mexico 4 6/4/2013
US customs/ freedom of information act 1 5/6/2013
What is an alliance of independent states that has a very weak central or national government and gives the supreme authority to the states? 5 5/3/2013
Which European nations claimed parts of America? 3 3/7/2012
Are the original races of people in America still existent? 5 1/3/2011