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String theory

String theory

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  Subject Replies Date
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12 dimensions 0 12/29/16
My hypothesis on gravity, 5d space time and hallucinations 0 03/18/16
A Universal Metaphysical Vehicle? 0 10/27/15
Life after physical life 0 09/09/15
I'm interested in doing research on string theory. I already have a bachelor's degree. What further qualifications would I need. Additionally, are t... 0 05/01/15
String theory is true :) 1 02/23/15
Labors from Vietnam 0 09/15/14
Excuse me but.... 0 08/12/14
Radhasoami ji babaji aap kease ho ? 0 04/21/14
How torque and speed are inversely proportional to each other? 0 03/22/14
What is the role of neutron in an atom? why it has no charge with it? how proton and electron possess charge? 0 03/19/14
Do i need to study general reltivity in detail to understand string theory? thanks in advance for help. 1 02/17/14
How is it posible that just by simple constructs of a string can cause charged particles? It doesn't sound logical at all. If a string is a particle o... 0 02/04/14
If the strings vibrate who or what is playing the song / songs of everything ? 0 12/16/13
What does string theory define? 0 07/27/13
String theory 0 07/11/13
What things can we do to help soca trout 0 05/22/13
About life of batteries used in solar systems? hi i have 600 watt solar system in my home i have connected 165 Ah sealed lead acid batteries two in n... 0 04/30/13
Why the orbit path of earth is elliptical & not purely circular? 0 03/17/13
What is a string theory 0 02/23/13
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A new idea about structure of photon. 21 01/22/13
UNIVERSAL THEORY (the contender for the theory of everything) 51 11/13/12
Is there anyone who knows how to deduce eq(3.6.15a),(3.6.15b),(3.6.15c) in Polchiski's book and would like to share with me? Great thanks. 1 10/18/12
CT-theory - Antigravity, informational-time quantum-correlation 0 09/28/12
I really lack knowledge to fully understand string theory, but while watching some documentaries i came up with this idea i would like to express. Co... 4 08/23/12
Jesus and Einstein on the Expansion of the Universe 12 08/06/12
Prove 'String Theory': 1 07/29/12
I'll admit I'm young and don't fully understand the Sting Theory, But if String Theory is correct, would'nt that mean that there is no such thing as a... 1 07/18/12
Would like to tell this site belong to radhasoawmi Beas .Few day somebody wrote don't share anything this site 0 07/17/12
Radha somi ji baba ji I have Q realty to santamat surat shabad yoga please help this matter 1 07/01/12
Will it be possible to measure the least mass of .0000001 ? 4 04/18/12
Hi everybody my question is about ups nowdays as there is shortage of electricity so if there is two battries sources battery 1 and battery 2 now l... 0 04/04/12
Hello dear experts! I am searching for specific information; how much do all the quarks of the Universe weigh, and/ or more importantly, what... 2 02/08/12
Can the brain could influence strings (My new theory) 0 02/02/12
If a graviton is in the atom then why does matter with more atoms still fall at the same rate? Could it be possible that all atoms are expanding and ... 1 02/02/12
Why u r so ugly 1 01/30/12
What is the difference between string theory vs. loop theory? 0 01/21/12
Is it the big bang theory of creation that causes the need for a super string, and God particle? If BBT is wrong could there then be an easier expla... 0 01/16/12
Gravity: A byproduct 3 01/13/12
What did francisco Pizarro study 0 01/13/12
Whenever we see a representation of space-time, we see a parabolic shape. However, the gravitational center, which has an equal pull from the mass (no... 0 01/10/12
Space is the entity that moves in slices,this is what we call time. speed of light is no other than the speed at which the slices in space moves. thin... 1 01/09/12
How do strings come into existance ? 2 01/08/12
Why would chemical reactions be impossible if electrons did not exist in the outer shells of atoms? 3 01/04/12
The big bang theory 2 12/10/11
Can you help me in my questions first question is: I know that hide information using Lsb is not robust for image manipulation as cropping and rotat... 0 12/09/11
What mineral group is olivine in 0 12/07/11
Time and space-existence in pairs 2 12/01/11
Neutrinos traveling faster than light 1 11/26/11
Hey out there, Ive been watching a program on string theroy, again, and a couple of things cross my mind. Is there a mathamatical formular for sound. ... 0 10/24/11
Can Energy be polydimensional? If 95% of the mass in the universe is dark matter, could that just be matter that has been removed from this plane to ... 3 09/28/11
I apologize as this is not necessarily a string theory question and sorry for my lack of knowledge in astronomy and physics. I was recently watchi... 5 09/23/11
Quantum Relatiity 9 09/11/11
Looking beyound form 0 06/27/11
Dark Matter/Dark Force 3 06/15/11
What is the inner surface of the small intestine that is coverd with folds called 2 05/14/11
Can anyone help me with a good link and or book with info pertaining to ion arrays 1 05/11/11
Free energy 3 05/10/11
Space is just that. What is its composition? Are there elements that make up space or is it just a void? The concept is beyond my current comprehensio... 11 04/14/11
What was the total number of Confederated forces in the civil war? Total number wounded? 0 04/07/11
How come this theory doesn't include the 5-dimension it has most to do with space and is supposed to be the missing link between time and space with d... 2 04/05/11
Are the Photos of the Mandelbrot Sets, and Photos of the Universe color Enhanced? And are they Off Centered, that's the main ??, I have? 0 03/26/11
Why doesnt japan use liquid nitrogen to cool ther nuclear fuel rods like russia at chernobyl and as far as string thery & big bang goes if the hma... 1 03/20/11
MIcro\macro? Newtonian/quantum? throw in string theory. understanding the small cures in medicine. 0 03/19/11
Tonight, March 19, 2011, there is going to be a full moon. Can anyone tell me at what time the moon will be at its fullest 2 03/19/11
What is quarks 2 03/10/11
Universes 5 03/06/11
How does a dimension have a shadow of the dimension below it? Also why does a 4-D figure make a black hole? 3 03/03/11
Quantum physics - true or false? 4 02/11/11
I know where the other dimensions are 7 01/13/11
The light travel with speed of 3 lack km per second and there are photons in this. and there are no spaces or diamansion between photons. if it,then ... 1 01/09/11
History Discovery of Atom 1 01/07/11
Hi What is exact difference between magnetic atom and nonmagnetic atom? Numerical Science Researcher Munawar Butt 1 01/07/11
Dimentionless Big Bang? 3 01/04/11
Gravity as another Dimension 1 11/29/10
Where does the heat come from that drives this convection current in the mantle? 1 11/28/10
If the moon exploded, what would happen to earth? 6 11/06/10
I was wondering, if there is anyone interested in voronoi diagrams?and using matlab for it?I am interested in it. I know how to draw a voronoi diagram... 0 09/26/10
Hello fellow cosmology lovers. Does dark matter fall into a black hole, and create radiation as it falls in like normal matter? Thanks. 2 09/13/10
How does laser measure the distance between the moon and the sun? 2 08/27/10
I have deduced an equation of a right triangle using the trigonometric ratio sine can i apply that equation for example to the moon and two stars to d... 1 08/25/10
Is cell Divison genetic? what are some facts about it? 1 08/18/10
What does hadron mean? 3 08/10/10
Can the string theory be made to self-simulate? 1 08/04/10
Condom gel 2 07/22/10
Nowadays as there is shortage of electricity in all over the slow countries in the world our aim is to produce elctricity from cheaper materials like ... 3 07/08/10
What would be considered one dimension and why can there be(in theory) a 5th dimension but not a 4th?! 1 07/06/10
How many plants are there 1 06/03/10
String Theory vs... 2 06/03/10
Ed Witten explains string theory, 2 = 1 6 05/22/10
If a structure has some minor function, can it still be considered vestigial? 2 05/12/10
Can Anyone Give a Detailed solution procedures 0 05/10/10
3. (HUFFMAN and SHANNON-FANO Code) Consider the random variable X = fx1; :::; x7g with P(x1) = 0:49, P(x2) = 0:26, P(x3) = 0:12, P(x4) = 0:04, P(x5) ... 2 05/10/10
Could someone somewhere tell me a date and possibly a price 4 myold typewriter it is made by imperial co.ltd in leicester england with coat of arms on... 1 05/07/10
What solution dissolves in sodium bicarbonate? 1 05/04/10
Are stalagmites narrower than stalactites? 1 04/27/10
Hi i want to know sensor remote sensing and i want to know how to learn sensor remote sensing , please tell me. 1 04/23/10
Which is the most remarkable rocket ? 1 04/20/10
Would anyone be interested in looking at an engine design utilising the string theory. Gyrating terminals arcing static electrolisis & looping. Enabli... 1 04/15/10
Hi is there life on a diff planet 9 04/07/10
Which element is not created by nuclear fusion in low mass stars? 3 04/05/10
What is the principle underlaying the Tonic-Dominant relation in Tonal Music? 0 04/05/10
Variational principle 0 03/28/10
Can anyone direct me to iodoacetimaide reactions and if they can slow the oxidization process? 0 03/26/10
What are protons, neutrons, and electrons made of? 5 03/11/10
String theory and other questions 1 03/06/10
Can ground penetrating radar instruments detect plstic and metal pipes, 1 inch dia. buried 5 feet deep in any soil? (except clay) 3 03/01/10
Time, roation and and its center 1 02/25/10
Is there life on other planets 8 02/23/10
What material is the newport transporter made out of 0 02/15/10
Anti-stealth technology used in missiles. 2 02/13/10
Is Xylem found in any other organism other than plants? 3 02/11/10
Whats the shape of a small magellanic cloud galaxy 0 02/10/10
Gravity and string theroy Wrong ? 17 01/30/10
Circumpolar stars 0 01/22/10
What is at the edge of the universe? 34 01/20/10
Can electrons undergoe nuclear decay and if they can what particle(s) do they decay into? 1 01/20/10
How can we prepare phenolphthalein by using phthalic acid and phenol.? 3 01/11/10
What are the role of microbes as reagent in organic synthesis? 1 01/04/10
There is a cosmological aspect to string theory that I have only heard once and I'm wondering if someone can refine my understanding. There are a ... 2 11/08/09
What if the beginning was a "big snap", rather than a "big bang", previously there was an absence of nothing (aon) an infinity of it, an unimaginable ... 10 11/06/09
scubedw1 11/3/09 I recall seeing an explanation regarding the creation of the Universe in which other Universes were called branes (short for... 4 11/03/09
Cosmology 0 11/03/09
How about 12 dimensions? 0 10/18/09
Regardless, we do share a common ground about string theory.... 1 10/07/09
Magnetism 4 09/17/09
Can we manufacture Barium Nitrate from Barium sulphide and Nitric acid, if so tell me the manufacturing metnod and process 2 09/14/09
I am tring to make a simple A.C generator?but i got problems in fitting the sliprings with the two ends of the coil.can any one tell me about using an... 1 08/25/09
What advances in physics have made the development of string theory possible? 2 06/05/09
Origins of string theory 1 06/05/09
What theories predate string theory? 2 06/05/09
What is string theory meant to account for? 10 04/02/09
String theory sounds very complex 5 03/20/09