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String theory

String theory

Gravity: A byproduct
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String theory discussion
Has anybody thought of gravity as an end product of the other forces when under massive amounts combine like atoms into a body incomprhensively large for Quantum Physics to calculate down to the atom, but can be estimated and even predicted within a margin? Please explain the simplicity of strings!
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Trying to understand your question... could you please clarify some more?
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To: GTCsima,
imagine a force that is faster than the speed of light (in the millions of times faster) as since 1928 the Heinzenberg Uncertainty principle has allowed us to place parameters (tolerances) on the speed of light allowing thereby for the induction, harmonicing of a Superluminous force tichialating everything as it streams down into the minutia of all matter making us with our macrocosmic feelings feel a gravity to all the masses we examine, this is what I sense as what is behind the so called Gravity Effect.
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The best match for currently observed red shift is to have the speed of light slow down since the Big Bang due to an increasing electron rest mass. This would allow elements more massive than helium to be created in the first red giant stars soon after the Big Bang. Dark matter star models would describe the first stars. Smaller molecules due to more massive electrons with more binding energy would make astronomical objects physically smaller with time, which with a much slower speed of light, would allow the Big Rip to end the universe 22 billion years from now as many black holes. Just before that time planets like Jupiter and Saturn would become stars.