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I am hindu brahmin residing near kanchipuram village name is uthiramerurer it was known from our famaliy member that we hail from anthara predash we... 0 10/15/2018
BABA JI.....SATSUNG 1 11/19/2017
Radha soami 0 10/8/2017
Baba ji's birthday wishes 0 8/1/2017
WISHING 0 8/1/2017
BIRTHDAY............babaji message......... 5 7/31/2017
Education help 0 7/31/2017
Agar hum satsang main batagaye marg par chalte hai to how do we save money for our child future as educational fees are too high and we have to show s... 1 7/29/2017
Why do radha soami devotees adrress radha soami to each other 0 7/29/2017
BABA JI..... 5 7/28/2017
BIRTHDAY 0 7/26/2017
BIRTHDAY 0 7/20/2017
Bhajansimran 2 7/20/2017
Radhasoami ji babaji apki diya mehr se mai kush shabd likhti hu.kya mai keset nikalskti hu agr beas me allowed ho to.baki ap sb jante hi ho.shabdo me ... 0 7/13/2017
Radhasoami ji mai mehant bahut krti hu pr safal nahi ho pati.baba ji ke btaye marg pr b chlti hu.ap btaye mai kese kamjb hu. 1 7/13/2017
There no facilitics for general merite people compar to others.... Why...? And how to over come with it........ 1 7/11/2017
What is the history of black taj mahel 0 6/1/2017
Ear piercing ceremony for boys 0 4/30/2017
India And China 0 2/15/2017
About my letter reply sending to my dear babaji. 1 2/10/2017
Dear Sir. What is court of wards and minor zemindary system 0 1/27/2017
Is it ethical to think of merger of one’s soul in GOD without looking GOD in mankind? 0 1/11/2017
Radha soami baba ji, baba mai 22 sal ki hu, graduation kar chuki hu or apni aage ki study abroad se krna chahti hu it is my dream par mere parents mer... 1 11/10/2016
Did you know that India has 21 official widely spoken languages with around close 1000 known dialects of the same? 2 10/26/2016
What is basmati rice? 1 9/19/2016
Upanayanam 0 7/17/2016
Sir, radha swami, March 2012 men nam dan ki date kaun se aur kahan par hain. Please send me deatails. ... 1 3/5/2016
I want to know how to persent a paper about the communitiis in the particulr indian state gujrat that minority sitution now is very bad condition afte... 1 2/23/2016
Is th dali lama is it a symbol of india 2 10/31/2015
My brother went to beas & dint give us information whether he has reached safely or not.All at home are worried pls give the related brothers ... 2 10/17/2015
As far as i know,india is a magic country and i am so interested in this country,especially the culture. I want to get some pictures of this country,o... 1 9/26/2015
WIll India's $ 1,966.08 car also spread to the rest of the world? If you haven't heard of it its called the Nano 2 9/23/2015
Forum to assist pilgrim traveller 0 9/12/2015
Hello namaste to all, plz advise me wheather ashram for accommodation available in puskartirtha or no ??if yes how can i book in advance ?? 0 9/12/2015
India ; a great "ACCUMULATOR" 1 9/6/2015
I have send request letter in last month for accomodation in beas in october 21st to 24, but till today we have not received any confirmation letter f... 0 9/3/2015
History of India 2 8/20/2015
Functioning and abuse of Power by Indian Polic Force 0 7/22/2015
Have you caught the Indian film bug 5 7/19/2015
For visiting Indian, what are the best natural places or states to visit and where i can get informations about Indian culture and tradition? 1 6/18/2015
I have made mistake in noline passport registration application form ,how can i edit or can i re-fil the same ? 0 6/10/2015
I am interested to know the names of successor of Rakhaldas Banerjee, the great archeologist of this sub continent as I want to share some of his phot... 1 5/19/2015
I came to know that the acupuncture was actually originated in India. is that true? 1 4/12/2015
Do Gandhi deserved to be called as Father of Nation and I think Nathuram Godsey was real hero 3 4/10/2015
Were they're any mathematicians in ancient India 3 3/4/2015
India 2 2/5/2015
Asking about the Separation methods for silicate from the waste water from slate mining industry to reuse the water? 0 1/21/2015
Hello, I am looking for a DVD of a film about the Banjara people made in 1993 by Tony Gatif called Latcho Drom. I cant find a copy on DVD anywhere. Do... 0 1/18/2015
About present status of khadi fabric 0 1/11/2015
Hi there I am wanting to know what about the goddess Parvati and why she rides a tiger? what does that symbolize...if anyone knows please help.. ... 1 1/4/2015
Are you heard or experienced our Vibrant Gujarat Gujarat is more global in 2011 0 12/31/2014
Can anyone clarify the meaning for the "Bill Muktha Patta" issued by the rulers of India prior to British rule? This is issued to a land owner by the ... 0 12/6/2014
How do i get a visa to visit india ? 1 11/21/2014
If I travel to India as a pilgrim (and not a tourist) what holy sites should i visit? 1 11/16/2014
Radha swami,Baba ji I think iam so busy in doing nothing to talk to you however i never got a chamce to go to beas this year ,i heard u will be com... 2 10/24/2014
Shahapur Dt;Yadgir Karnataka INDIA 1 10/2/2014
I would like to start small computer center in native (sira), but i dont know how to begining with, can anyone help me with complete details? 1 9/24/2014
Prsent state of indo-aryans 0 9/23/2014
What is the difference between official language and national language in India 0 9/1/2014
What is the philosophical root of Ayurveda in Indian history? 0 8/16/2014
Autonomy for kashmir 0 8/14/2014
I would like to share an unknown enlightened mystic - Elijah Crow – The Silence 0 8/11/2014
Please give me the architectural and general information about raniji ki boali at rajasthan. i want plans,sections and photographs. 0 8/8/2014
I would like to share an unknown enlightened mystic - Elijah Crow – The Silence 0 8/6/2014
The Sewadar In-charge Accommodation department Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Baba Jaimal Singh District Amritsar-143204. Subject: Request ... 1 8/6/2014
CAN I GET A TELESCOPE LENS i.e eyepiece or magnifying glass in CHOR BAZAAR? Also can i get a concave mirror in chor bazaar? Also if not the above... 2 7/19/2014
Hi alls Please suggest me Some of Best engineering Colleges in jaipur that are recently opened. 1 7/16/2014
Where can i buy paintings made in kalimpong 0 7/14/2014
We have swami samarth snap brought from thirthshektra akkalkot,since 4-5 years it has ben part of our family.his snap i placed in our drawing room exa... 0 6/25/2014
Radha soami ji kahi bhi dil nahi lag raha hai na hi is duniya main aur na hi simran main kya karo. 4 6/10/2014
I want to learn about hummingbirds living in the Himalayas. I live near Almora and see the most incredible creatures feeding on the flowers in my gar... 1 6/3/2014
Cowardness 1 5/30/2014
Where is jhanjharpur. 1 5/25/2014
Can president of india can use his vote in general elections. 0 5/24/2014
Im a Billava. MY surname is Kotian. My question is can i Marry a Kotian girl? plz reply 2 5/20/2014
Defensive fortifications that ran along the western front were commonly called? it featured an abysmal esistence alongside death, rats, and disease 0 5/13/2014
What indian instruments play the tala 1 5/9/2014
When was india dicovered? 3 5/7/2014
Would you like to go 1 4/22/2014
Name the primary and secondary sources of energy? 1 4/19/2014
3) How did the British Empire view the role of white women in India? What are the diverse ways white women actually functioned in India, and to what ... 0 4/15/2014
Best packers and movers makes relocating easy 0 4/15/2014
What is the allowable limit of vibration on air preheater in power plants. 1 4/15/2014
What are the present problems in computer forenscis field? what extenet we can go with the help of computer forensics? i am going start my resea... 0 4/12/2014
Radha soami ji koi apni jimevari ku nai samjta na glti manta h 4 4/10/2014
In which year and under whose state rule the mumbai police specially ranked below Inspector allowed to wear trousers in place of half-pant. 0 4/2/2014
Recent history post 1947 0 3/30/2014
What are the characteristics of Char Minar? 1 3/28/2014
Can India catch up China? 3 3/16/2014
Hi, im wonduring if some one still have the photo of gujrat earthquakes in 1970 0 3/10/2014
Where is nilgiri biosphere reserve situated? 0 3/8/2014
Tulu people who have witnessed the Siri Ritual involving spirit possession and cenne 0 3/5/2014
Packers and Moving Services India 0 3/5/2014
I would like to get some facts about Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, especially to check out whether he really had to study his own poetry when he went t... 0 2/27/2014
Impeachment 0 2/26/2014
In 1977 milad un nabi on wich date came 0 2/25/2014
Was india affected by apartheid? 0 2/17/2014
How do you edit a Ruby on Rails Production site? 0 2/15/2014
Was Late Jyoti Basu, former Chief Minister of West Bengal, a member of Bengal Legislative Assembly on 20th June, 1947 ? If so, did he vote for partiti... 0 2/14/2014
After whom the james street is named in hyderabad? 0 2/13/2014
Kashmir Travels 0 2/10/2014
Chidambharam (Tamil Nadu) 0 2/10/2014
Where can I find companies that I can outsource Ruby on Rails Development too? 0 2/10/2014
Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance System 1 2/5/2014
What is bijak-ki-pahadi ? tell details about that chaitya at bairat in rajsthan. 0 2/4/2014
Revenue Stamp 0 2/3/2014
I need specific details of the Yakshi bracket from Eastern gateway of Sanchi stupa for my research paper. Can't find much on Google. Thank you, Veroni... 0 2/2/2014
I have a question that if anyone working as an officer in Territorial army, can he change his commision into regular army. or can he do regular sevic... 0 2/1/2014
Ruby on Rails Database Question? 0 2/1/2014
Bhubaneswar, ggp colony 0 1/25/2014
Does anybody know about Raja Ravi Varma's painting that was untitled? The picture is, a man who looks like a brahmin holding the saree of a woman who ... 2 1/21/2014
Can anyone explain the significance of PANCHMUKHI Hanumanji's idol in the place of worship at home? 0 1/18/2014
Is there any information about sunyo puraan,a part of dharma mangal? 0 1/16/2014
Naxalite 12 1/12/2014
From Ananda Vardanas work DvanyAloka written~9th cent. we find the first written theory of the existence of dhvani in Indian poetry. In his Kasika he ... 0 1/12/2014
Who have been the most eminent prophesors of physics that have qualified from deli 'u' i'm thinking of going there for my own education. but im going ... 0 1/11/2014
Indian astronomy 1 1/7/2014
What is the distance (and travel time) from Mussoorie to Dharmasala? 3 1/4/2014
Our feminist dictatorship and abuse of children 0 12/27/2013
Geography 0 12/22/2013
Hydraulic pumps manufacturer,lub oil pump,steering pump,duplex pump,supplier 0 12/19/2013
About dates of naam daan at Dera beas Radha soami Ji 1 12/18/2013
How get the lanka to ravana? 0 12/18/2013
I just want when is d exam of Indian Police Sevice What are the cost of exam where is the institute in mumbai and what is the duration of course all... 0 12/15/2013
What was the Alexander cunninghum ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY findings at LATIYA, GHAZIPUR UTTER PRADESH INDIA? Was those findings are related to Asoka or LO... 0 12/4/2013
What about the writers in kerala which is the state in India? 0 12/3/2013
History of the Republic of India 1 4/10/2013
reg thali(mangala nan) in tamil tradition 0 11/13/2012
what does the DOME architecture symbolise in the following countries: India/ Sri Lanka/Pakistan and Bangladesh? Thanks Emma 1 11/12/2012
Indian Historical Artifacts in others hands 2 3/8/2012
Indian economy 1 3/6/2012