Is it ethical to think of merger of one’s soul in GOD without looking GOD in mankind?
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1. RSSB SATSANGI is required to think with a cool mind as if one is not causing tones of KARMA debts by ignoring their moral duties towards their family, kids as also parents?

2. Is it OK to spend time and money for meditation, KAAR SEWA and other SATSANG activities by ignoring the needs of their kids, family and parents as also by keeping their carrier at risk?

3. Why is it better to donate money to RSSB instead of direct donations to the needy and downtrodden people directly, which would make them realize the sufferings of poor from a very close?

4. Can anyone think of merging soul in GOD without one’s success in looking GOD in mankind under the pretext of detachment?

5. If so, wouldn’t it be better to lead a bachelor life so as to avoid accumulation of tones of KARMA debts caused to so many around, by way of lot of pains arising on account of marriage and then ignoring even the sexual requirements of spouse apart from the welfare of kids and honest living by devotion to job and carrier?

6. It appears as if most of the misgivings in RSSB teachings are due to contradictory views spread by different speakers at various SATSANG centers worldwide, more so because contents of SATSANG held by BABAJI are found quite appealing. If so, does anyone consider to stop listening to other speakers at different centers, particularly when the main philosophy of RSSB stands on the piller of following the teachings of only one live GURU?

So think, think and think with a cool mind by keeping ego aside, to adopt a logical view and corrective approach before it is too late for spending life with regrets!