Our feminist dictatorship and abuse of children
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Q: Who is the better parent, dad or mom?

A: Dad; 6 most common child abuses, done by modern moms 100X more:

Abuse #1) The most painful abuse is eliminating half of child’s family. Even in normal marriages, mother can limit access to them, and father is helpless to prevent it. He has to please her, fearing divorce. This abuse is also most common; 50% of kids will experience it. Very rarely father denies his child’s right to see mother, grandparents etc.

Abuse #2) Killing brothers and sisters. About 10% of children have lost their brother or sister through abortion or infanticide. Fathers are helpless to prevent mother from killing children. All states under feminist dictatorship (US, UK, Canada etc) allow mothers to kill a bit. Official homicide statistics do not include abortion and infanticide.

Abuse # 3) Health and educational neglect. Almost 100% of mothers neglect kids. The reason: no budgeted time, insufficient interest in health and education and prevention of other family members to step in. Parenting is the most time consuming work. Modern women have the same 24h/day as before, but insatiable desire for other activities in life, fueled by education, TV, magazines etc. Their parenting is reduced to slapping and daycare. But, they are equally intelligent to learn about parenting, to play and explain the world to their children as their fathers would explain.

Abuse # 4) Sexual abuse after the mother throws father out of the house. Rare, but almost always done by mothers’ boyfriends, almost unheard that father would rape own child.

Abuse # 5) Denigrating father in front of children. Very frequent. Over time, mother becomes increasingly unsatisfied with father’s work or his income or his conduct.

Abuse # 6) Preventing father from parenting, no matter how good, as a whim or revenge. Experiment for fathers: Insult her (say, for instance, “You are not sexy”) and then ask her to give you your baby to hold. She will refuse, as a revenge. She uses baby as a weapon.

Custody rankings: #1) father, sole custody – kids achievers, distant first
#2) normal family, dad and mom together #3) broken family, joint custody, close to ranking #2
#4) mother, sole custody – distant last, jail filler (Visit single mom ghettos and observe how they raise their kids!)
All parenting studies show that children raised by fathers score better academically and emotionally. Such comparisons got little coverage in mainstream media. Our feminist ruling class and their collaborators avoid open discussion about custody and persecute dissidents. Our public policy and schools are based on feminist heterophobia.

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