Chidambharam (Tamil Nadu)
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We all know that in Chidambaram there is a shrine for Govinda Raja, which was removed by Kulothunga chola, later reinstalled by Krishnappa naick of Senji in 1597. This we know.

The hidden fact

The Dikshithas of Chidambharam refused admission for that Perumal, and threatened to kill them selves by jumping from the Gopuram if the Perumal re enters in that shrine. But Krishnappa nayak was firm on his decision and constructed the room and brought in the statue.

At that time all the Dikshitahs climbed on the Gopuram and jumped and committed suicide. The number is 20.

Then Krishnappa nayak ordered his gun men to shoot the gang of Dikshithas in which 2 died along with a woman.

All the vaishanavites were just watching this and never came forward to stop that.

Why ???

(Henry Hera., Aravidu Dynasty of Vijaya Nagara, B.G.Paul & Co, Madras 1927 pp-553-554)