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Tagore is the name of a prominent Bengal
Bengal is a historical and geographical region in the northeast region of the Indian Subcontinent at the apex of the Bay of Bengal. Today, it is mainly divided between the sovereign land of People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal, although some regions of the previous...

i family of intellectuals, writers and artists, generally known as the Tagore family
Tagore family
The Tagore family, with over three hundred years of history, has been one of the leading families of Kolkata, and is regarded as a key influence during the Bengal Renaissance...


People - Jorasanko branch of the Tagore family
  • Dwarkanath Tagore
    Dwarkanath Tagore
    Dwarkanath Tagore , was one of the first Indian industrialists and entrepreneurs, was the founder of the Jorasanko branch of the Tagore family, and is notable for making substantial contributions to the Bengal Renaissance.-Childhood:...

     (1794 – 1846) – businessman and aristocrat, called Prince by the foreigners for his lavish life style.
  • Ramanath Tagore
    Ramanath Tagore
    See Tagore for disambiguationRamanath Tagore was one of the leading social figures in 19th century Kolkata . The son of Rammani Tagore of the Jorasanko branch of the Tagore family, he was younger brother of Dwarkanath Tagore and a cousin of Prasanna Coomar Tagore...

     (1801 – 1877) – prominent social figure associated with British Indian Association
    British Indian Association
    The British Indian Association was established on 31 October 1851. Its formation was a major event of 19th century India. Its establishment meant Indians had come together and could no longer be ignored...

     and Hindu Mela.
  • Debendranath Tagore
    Debendranath Tagore
    Debendranath Tagore was one of the founders in 1848 of the Brahmo Religion which today is synonymous with Brahmoism the youngest religion of India and Bangladesh....

     (1817 – 1905) – Brahmoism
    Brahmoism is a religious movement from the late 18th century Bengal originating the Bengali Renaissance, the nascent Indian independence movement and the wider Hindu reform movements of the period...

  • Dwijendranath Tagore
    Dwijendranath Tagore
    See Tagore for disambiguationDwijendranath Tagore was an Indian poet, song composer, philosopher, mathematician, and a pioneer in Bengali shorthand and musical notations.-Formative years:...

     (1840 – 1926) – poet, philosopher, writer, musician, pioneer in Bengali
    Bengali language
    Bengali or Bangla is an eastern Indo-Aryan language. It is native to the region of eastern South Asia known as Bengal, which comprises present day Bangladesh, the Indian state of West Bengal, and parts of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam. It is written with the Bengali script...

     shorthand and musical notations
  • Ganendranath Tagore
    Ganendranath Tagore
    Gagendranath Tagore was a musician and theatre personality, and contributed substantially to nationalist discourse. One of the first students to pass the Entrance Examinations of Calcutta University, he was the founder-secretary of Hindu Mela.-Family:Dwarkanath Tagore, the founder of Jorasanko...

     (1841 – 1869) – theatre personality, musician, founder of Jorasanko Natyashala and Hindu Mela.
  • Satyendranath Tagore
    Satyendranath Tagore
    Satyendranath Tagore was the first Indian to join the Indian Civil Service. He was an author, song composer, linguist and made significant contribution towards the emancipation of women in Indian society during the British Raj.-Formative years:...

     (1842 – 1923) – musician, reformer, and the first Indian to join the ICS in 1863.
  • Hemendranath Tagore
    Hemendranath Tagore
    This article is connected to Tagore familyHemendranath Tagore , Debendranath Tagore's third son, is notable for being the first ever Brahmo as he was the first child born in 1844 to any of the 21 Brahmos who swore the First Brahmo Covenant on 21 December 1843 at Calcutta...

     (1844 – 1884) – nationalist, yogi, founder of Adi Dharm
    Adi Dharm
    Adi Dharm refers to the religion of Adi Brahmo Samaj the first development of Brahmoism and includes those Sadharan Brahmo Samajists who were reintegrated into Brahmoism after the 2nd schism of 1878 at the instance of Hemendranath Tagore...

     the successor religion to Brahmoism
    Brahmoism is a religious movement from the late 18th century Bengal originating the Bengali Renaissance, the nascent Indian independence movement and the wider Hindu reform movements of the period...

  • Jyotirindranath Tagore
    Jyotirindranath Tagore
    Jyotirindranath Tagore was a playwright, a musician, an editor and a painter. Endowed with an outstanding talent, he had the rare capability of spotting talent in others...

     (1849 – 1925) – theatre personality, musician
  • Rabindranath Tagore
    Rabindranath Tagore
    Rabindranath Tagore , sobriquet Gurudev, was a Bengali polymath who reshaped his region's literature and music. Author of Gitanjali and its "profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse", he became the first non-European Nobel laureate by earning the 1913 Prize in Literature...

      (1861 – 1941) – poet, philosopher, playwright, author, musician, artist, reformer, educationist and the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize
    Nobel Prize
    The Nobel Prizes are annual international awards bestowed by Scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and scientific advances. The will of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, established the prizes in 1895...

     in 1913. Known for developing the Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana
    Jana Gana Mana
    Jana Gana Mana is the national anthem of India. Written in highly Sanskritized Bengali, it is the first of five stanzas of a Brahmo hymn composed and scored by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It was first sung at the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress on 27 December 1911...

     and the Bangladeshi National Anthem, Amar Shonar Bangla
    Amar Shonar Bangla
    Amar Shonar Bangla is a 1905 song written and composed by the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore , the first ten lines of which were adopted in 1972 as the Bangladeshi national anthem...

  • Gaganendranath Tagore
    Gaganendranath Tagore
    See Tagore for disambiguationGaganendranath Tagore was an Indian painter and cartoonist of the Bengal school. He belongs to the Tagore family and was born at Jorasanko.-Early life:Gaganendranath Tagore was born in Calcutta...

     (1867 – 1938) – artist, pioneer of ink and brush work in India, cartoonist.
  • Abanindranath Tagore
    Abanindranath Tagore
    Abanindranath Tagore was the principal artist of the Bengal school and the first major exponent of swadeshi values in Indian art. He was also a noted writer, particularly for children...

     (1871 – 1951) – developed Indian style of painting, first Indian artist to gain international recognition.

People - Pathuriaghata branch of the Tagore family
  • Prasanna Coomar Tagore
    Prasanna Coomar Tagore
    See Tagore for disambiguationPrasanna Coomar Tagore was son of Gopi Mohan Tagore, one of the founders of Hindu College. He belonged to the Pathuriaghata branch of the Tagore family and was one of the leaders of the conservative branch of Hindu society...

     (1801 – 1886) – Lawyer, who donated money to University of Calcutta
    University of Calcutta
    The University of Calcutta is a public university located in the city of Kolkata , India, founded on 24 January 1857...

     to create an endowment for Tagore Professorship of Law. Drafted the Trust deed of Brahmo Sabha
    Trust deed of Brahmo Sabha
    The modern religious philosophy of Brahmoism is based in part on the foundations of reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy's humanitarian philosophy, as exemplified by the Trust Deed of Brahmo Sabha, known to Brahmos as the 1830 Brahmo Trust Deed.-Brief history:...

     along with his cousin Dwarakanath.
  • Gnanendramohan Tagore
    Gnanendramohan Tagore
    See Tagore for disambiguationGnanendramohan Tagore was the first Asian to be called to the bar in England, in 1862.- Early life :...

     (1826 – 1890) – first Asian to be called to the English bar in 1862.
  • Jatindramohan Tagore
    Jatindramohan Tagore
    See Tagore for disambiguationJatindramohan Tagore, , Maharaja Bahadur, , was a theatre enthusiast, art-lover, and philanthropist.-Early life:...

    , (1831 – 1908), theatre enthusist, art-lover, and philanthropist.

People - women of the Tagore family
  • Swarnakumari Devi
    Swarnakumari Devi
    See Tagore for disambiguationSwarnakumari Devi was an Indian poet, novelist, musician and social worker. She was the first among the women writers in Bengali to gain prominence.-Family and early life:...

     (1855 – 1932) - first woman novelist amongst Bengali people

Instutitutions/ Organisations etc. linked to the Tagores
  • Adi Dharm
    Adi Dharm
    Adi Dharm refers to the religion of Adi Brahmo Samaj the first development of Brahmoism and includes those Sadharan Brahmo Samajists who were reintegrated into Brahmoism after the 2nd schism of 1878 at the instance of Hemendranath Tagore...

  • Brahmo Samaj
    Brahmo Samaj
    Brahmo Samaj is the societal component of the Brahmo religion which is mainly practiced today as the Adi Dharm after its eclipse in Bengal consequent to the exit of the Tattwabodini Sabha from its ranks in 1859. It was one of the most influential religious movements responsible for the making of...

  • Hindu Mela
  • Jorasanko
    Jorasanko is a neighbourhood in north Kolkata. It is so called because of the two wooden or bamboo bridges that spanned a small stream at this point.-History:...

  • Jorasanko Thakur Bari
    Jorasanko Thakur Bari
    The Thakurbari The Thakurbari The Thakurbari (Bangla: House of the Thakurs (anglicised to Tagore) in Jorasanko, north of Kolkata, West Bengal, India is the ancestral home of the Tagore family. It is currently located on the Rabindra Bharati University campus at 6/4 Dwarakanath Tagore Lane...

  • Pathuriaghata
    Pathuriaghata is a neighbourhood in north Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta, in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is one of the oldest residential areas in what was Sutanuti. Once the abode of the Bengali rich, the neighbourhood and its surrounding areas are now dominated by Marwaris...

  • Rabindra Bharati University
    Rabindra Bharati University
    Rabindra Bharati University is a university in Kolkata, India. It was founded on May 8, 1962, under the Rabindra Bharati Act of the Government of West Bengal in 1961, to mark the birth centenary of the poet Rabindranath Tagore...

  • Rabindra Sangeet
    Rabindra Sangeet
    Rabindra Sangeet , also known as Tagore Songs in English, is a form of music composed by Rabindranath Tagore who added a new dimension to the musical concept of India in general and Bengal in specific....

  • Rabindra Nritya Natya
    Rabindra Nritya Natya
    Rabindra nritya natya is the term given to the three dance-dramas composed by Bengal's poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore: Chitrangada, Chandalika and Shyama. The principal characteristic of these works is that the story is told entirely through dance and song. The dances included in them were in...

  • Santiniketan
    Santiniketan is a small town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, India, approximately 180 kilometres north of Kolkata . It was made famous by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, whose vision became what is now a university town that attracts thousands of visitors each year...

  • Shelaidaha
  • Vangiya Sahitya Parishad
    Vangiya Sahitya Parishad
    Bangiya Sahitya Parishad is a literary society in Bengal. Established during the time of the Raj, its goal is to promote Bengali literature, both by translating works in other languages to Bengali and promoting the production of original Bengali literature....

  • Visva-Bharati University
    Visva-Bharati University
    Visva Bharati University is a Central University for research and teaching in India, located in the twin towns of Santiniketan and Sriniketan in the Indian state of West Bengal. It was founded by Rabindranath Tagore who called it Visva Bharati, which means the communion of the world with India...

Other usages
  • Tagore (film)
    Tagore (film)
    - External links :*http://www.raaga.com/channels/telugu/album/A0000309.html...

    , a "Tollywood" feature film starring Chiranjeevi
    Chiranjeevi is a Telugu film actor and a politician. He has appeared primarily in Telugu Cinema along with a few Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films. He made his acting debut in Punadhirallu . However, Pranam Khareedu released at the box office earlier...