• NE postcode area
    NE postcode area
    The NE postcode area, also known as the Newcastle upon Tyne postcode area, is a group of postcode districts around Alnwick, Ashington, Bamburgh, Bedlington, Belford, Blaydon-on-Tyne, Blyth, Boldon Colliery, Chathill, Choppington, Corbridge, Cramlington, East Boldon, Gateshead, Haltwhistle, Hebburn,...

    , a postcode for the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

  • Ne, Liguria, a comune in the Province of Genoa

  • Niger
    Niger , officially named the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. It borders Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, Algeria and Libya to the north and Chad to the east...

    , ISO 3166-1 country code
    • .ne
      .ne is the Internet country code top-level domain for Niger.Unrelated to the .ne top-level domain, "ne" is sometimes used as a second-level domain within other country-code domains, in which registrants may register second-level domains of the form .ne.xx, where xx is the ccTLD. Two examples are...

      , the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Niger

  • Canton of Neuchâtel
    Canton of Neuchâtel
    Neuchâtel is a canton of French speaking western Switzerland. In 2007, its population was 169,782 of which 39,654 were foreigners. The capital is Neuchâtel.-History:...

    , a canton

United States
  • Nebraska
    Nebraska is a state on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States. The state's capital is Lincoln and its largest city is Omaha, on the Missouri River....

    , a state
  • New England
    New England
    New England is a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consisting of the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut...

    , a region consisting of six states

Arts and entertainment

  • Neutral Evil, an alignment in the American role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons
  • New Edition
    New Edition
    New Edition is an R&B group formed in Boston in 1978. The group reached its height of popularity during the 1980s. They were the progenitors of the boy band movement of the 1980s and 1990s and led the way for groups like New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync...

    , an American vocal group
  • Nicomachean Ethics
    Nicomachean Ethics
    The Nicomachean Ethics is the name normally given to Aristotle's best known work on ethics. The English version of the title derives from Greek Ἠθικὰ Νικομάχεια, transliterated Ethika Nikomacheia, which is sometimes also given in the genitive form as Ἠθικῶν Νικομαχείων, Ethikōn Nikomacheiōn...

    , a collection of ten books by Greek philosopher Aristotle

Other uses

  • Inequality operator, a term used in programming languages as a "not equal to" operator
  • Nash equilibrium
    Nash equilibrium
    In game theory, Nash equilibrium is a solution concept of a game involving two or more players, in which each player is assumed to know the equilibrium strategies of the other players, and no player has anything to gain by changing only his own strategy unilaterally...

    , a solution concept in game theory
  • National Express
    National Express
    National Express Coaches, more commonly known as National Express, is a brand and company, owned by the National Express Group, under which the majority of long distance bus and coach services in Great Britain are operated,...

    , an English public transport operator
  • Nationalencyklopedin
    Nationalencyklopedin is the most comprehensive contemporary Swedish language encyclopedia, initiated by a favourable loan from the Government of Sweden of 17 million Swedish kronor in 1980, which was repaid by December 1990...

    , a Swedish national encyclopedia
  • Natural England
    Natural England
    Natural England is the non-departmental public body of the UK government responsible for ensuring that England's natural environment, including its land, flora and fauna, freshwater and marine environments, geology and soils, are protected and improved...

    , an English government agency
  • NE
    -Places:England* NE postcode area, a postcode for the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and WearItaly* Ne, Liguria, a comune in the Province of GenoaNiger* Niger, ISO 3166-1 country code** .ne, the country code top level domain for Niger...

    , a name a child is given at birth
  • NE (complexity)
    NE (complexity)
    In computational complexity theory, the complexity class NE is the set of decision problems that can be solved by a non-deterministic Turing machine in time O for some k....

    , a class in computational complexity theory
  • Ne (kana)
    Ne (kana)
    ね, in hiragana, or ネ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. The hiragana is made in two strokes, while the katakana is made in four...

    , a Japanese written character
  • ne (text editor)
    Ne (text editor)
    ne is a console text editor for POSIX computer operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X. It uses the terminfo library, but it can also be compiled using a bundled copy of the GNU termcap implementation. There is also a Cygwin version...

    , a console text editor
  • Neon
    Neon is the chemical element that has the symbol Ne and an atomic number of 10. Although a very common element in the universe, it is rare on Earth. A colorless, inert noble gas under standard conditions, neon gives a distinct reddish-orange glow when used in either low-voltage neon glow lamps or...

    , a chemical element
  • Nepali language
    Nepali language
    Nepali or Nepalese is a language in the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family.It is the official language and de facto lingua franca of Nepal and is also spoken in Bhutan, parts of India and parts of Myanmar...

    , a Nepalese language
  • Network element
    Network element
    A network element is usually defined as a manageable logical entity uniting one or more physical devices. This allows distributed devices to be managed in a unified way using one management system....

    , a manageable logical entity uniting one or more physical devices
  • New Executable
    New Executable
    The New Executable is a 16-bit .exe file format, a successor to the DOS MZ executable format. It was used in a special version of MS-DOS, Windows 1.0, Windows 2.x, and Windows 3.x...

    , a computer file format
  • New Hope (Macau)
    New Hope (Macau)
    New Hope is a political party in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau, a former Portuguese possession. Its leader and only deputy who, after 2005, serves in the Legislative Assembly of Macau is José Pereira Coutinho. This city is a state in which political parties don't play a role....

     a Macau political party
  • Nitro Express
    Nitro Express
    The Nitro Express series of cartridges are used in large-bore hunting rifles, also known as elephant guns or express rifles. They are named after the propellant they use, cordite, which is composed of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine...

    , a family of Rifle cartridges
  • Noble Corporation
    Noble Corporation
    Noble Corporation is the modern name of Noble Drilling Corporation, by which it was known through the 1990s. The company was part of the S&P 500 stock market index until 3/26/2009, when the headquarters were transferred to Switzerland. Noble Corporation is a major contract driller of oil and...

    , an American drilling company
  • Norepinephrine
    Norepinephrine is the US name for noradrenaline , a catecholamine with multiple roles including as a hormone and a neurotransmitter...

    , a neurotransmitter
  • Northeast (direction), one of the four ordinal directions
  • SkyEurope Airlines, a Slovakian airline
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