Stephen Goldin
Stephen Charles Goldin is an American
United States
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 science fiction
Science fiction
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 and fantasy
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Goldin was born in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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A graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy, he worked for the U.S. Navy as a civilian space scientist before becoming a full-time writer. He has also worked as a writer and editor for the San Francisco Ball, designed and written manuals for a number of computer games, and co-taught a writing class at the California State University at Northridge. A member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
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 (SFWA), he has served as editor of its SFWA Bulletin and held the position of the association's western regional director.

Goldin has been married twice, first to Kathleen Sky
Kathleen Sky
Kathleen Sky is the pen name of Kathleen Mckinney Goldin, an American science fiction and fantasy author. From 1972 to 1982 she was married to fellow author and collaborator Stephen Goldin...

 (from 1972–1982) and later to Mary Mason (from 1987 to present). He has collaborated with both in his fiction. Goldin lives in California
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Goldin's "The Last Ghost" was a 1972 nominee for the Nebula Award
Nebula Award
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 for best short story
Short story
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  • Family d'Alembert
    Family D'Alembert
    The Family D'Alembert series is a set of science fiction novels by Stephen Goldin, the first of which was expanded from a novella by E. E. "Doc" Smith.-Plot:...

    (based on a novella by E.E. "Doc" Smith
    E. E. Smith
    Edward Elmer Smith, Ph.D., also, E. E. Smith, E. E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith, "Skylark" Smith, and Ted was a food engineer and early science fiction author who wrote the Lensman series and the Skylark series, among others...

  1. Imperial Stars
    Imperial Stars
    The Imperial Stars is a science fiction novel by Stephen Goldin expanded from a novella by E. E. "Doc" Smith. It is the first in a series of ten Family D'Alembert novels set in a future where humankind has expanded to the stars but reverted to an old-style feudal system of government in an advanced...

    (with E.E. "Doc" Smith, 1976)
  2. Stranglers' Moon
    Stranglers' Moon
    Stranglers' Moon is a 1976 science fiction novel written by Stephen Goldin, the second book in the Family D'Alembert series, the first of which was expanded by Goldin from a novella by E.E. “Doc” Smith.-Plot introduction:...

  3. The Clockwork Traitor (1977)
  4. Getaway World (1977)
  5. Appointment at Bloodstar (1978)
  6. The Purity Plot (1978)
  7. Planet of Treachery (1982)
  8. Eclipsing Binaries (1983)
  9. The Omicron Invasion (1984)
  10. Revolt of the Galaxy (1985)

  • The Parsina Saga
    • Shrine of the Desert Mage (1988)
    • The Storyteller and the Jann (1988)
    • Crystals of Air and Water (1989)
    • Treachery of the Demon King (2002)

  • The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy (with Mary Mason):
    • Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor (1988)
    • Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates (1990)

  • The Mindsaga
    • Mindflight (1978)
    • Mindsearch (2002 - ebook only)


  • Herds (1975)
  • Caravan (1975)
  • Scavenger Hunt (1976)
  • Finish Line (1976)
  • Assault on the Gods (1977)
  • Trek to Madworld
    Trek to Madworld
    Trek to Madworld is one of the original Star Trek novels set in the universe of the original Star Trek television series. It was authored by Nebula Award finalist Stephen Goldin, with introduction by Star Trek author David Gerrold...

    (Star Trek
    Star Trek
    Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. The core of Star Trek is its six television series: The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise...

    ) (1979)
  • The Eternity Brigade (1980)
  • A World Called Solitude (1981)
  • And Not Make Dreams Your Master (1981)
  • Crossroads of the Galaxy (1999)
  • Polly! (2008)


  • The Last Ghost and Other Stories (collection) (1999)
  • Star Rooks (2004 - ebook only) (with Kathleen Sky)
  • Alien Murders (2009)
  • Angel in Black (2010)

Anthologies (editor)

  • Protostars
    Protostars is an anthology of science fiction short stories edited by David Gerrold and Stephen Goldin. It was first published in paperback by Ballantine Books in October 1971, and has been reprinted a number of times since....

    (1971) (with David Gerrold
    David Gerrold
    Jerrold David Friedman , better known by his pen name David Gerrold, is an American science fiction author who started his career in 1966 while a college student by submitting an unsolicited story outline for the television series Star Trek. He was invited to submit several premises, and the one...

  • The Alien Condition (1973)


  • An Hour with Kathleen Sky (cassette audiobook) (1979) (with Kathleen Sky)
  • The Business of Being a Writer (1982) (with Kathleen Sky)

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