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Nanda Kishore Bal

Nanda Kishore Bal

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Nanda Kishore Bal was an India
India , officially the Republic of India , is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world...

n poet of the era of initial modernity in Oriya
Oriya literature
Oriya is an official language of the state of Orissa, India. The region has been known at different stages of history as Kalinga, Udra, Utkala, or Koshala. The language is also spoken by minority populations of the neighboring states of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The...

 poetry. He was born at Kusupur
Kusupur is a village in Orissa, India.The village is known for the GajaLaxmi Puja, Dasahara and Dola. Jagannath Temple, Maa Narayani Chandi, Maa Pingulei and Syamasundar are the deities of the village. Most of the people are occupied in business or the service industries; a few live from...

 village in the Cuttack
Cuttack is the former capital of the state of Orissa, India. It is the headquarters of Cuttack district and is located about 20 km to the north east of Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. The name of the city is an anglicised form of Kataka that literally means The Fort, a reference to the...

 district of Orissa
Orissa , officially Odisha since Nov 2011, is a state of India, located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal. It is the modern name of the ancient nation of Kalinga, which was invaded by the Maurya Emperor Ashoka in 261 BC. The modern state of Orissa was established on 1 April...

. He is popularly known as "Palli Kabi" (the poet of rural life) for his tender lyrics, celebrating the beauty of rural Orissa in his poems.

Pallikabi Nanda Kishore Bal was a poet of the rural scene, portraying its simplicity, its superstitions and festivals. His popular lyrics for children (e.g. Nana Baya Gita) are sung to the accompaniment of music. He wrote several poems which reveal his strong spiritual inclination and sharp awareness of social problems. Among his collections are Nirjharini(The Stream), Palli Chitra (The picture of countryside), Basanta-kokila, Tarangini, Charuchitra, Nirmalya, Prabhata sangeeta, Sandhya sangita, Krushna Kumari and Sharmistha.

Nanda Kishore Bal wrote about a hundred sonnet
A sonnet is one of several forms of poetry that originate in Europe, mainly Provence and Italy. A sonnet commonly has 14 lines. The term "sonnet" derives from the Occitan word sonet and the Italian word sonetto, both meaning "little song" or "little sound"...

s which are scattered throughout his collections. His sonnets deal with both nature and personal suffering, and reveal high poetic sensibility. These sonnets are known for their restrained thoughts and versification.

Kanakalata , is a novel published in 1925 about social realism. A substantial part of this novel was actually published in serialized form in Utkal Sahitya in 1913 and was widely acclaimed by the readers.-Plot:...

by Nanda Kishore is a novel published in 1925. A substantial part of this novel was actually published in serialized form in Utkal Sahitya in 1913. The plot of the novel is an indictment of the evils of dowry system in rural aristocratic society and the predicament of the child-widows who were condemned into a life of anguish and suffering.