Andromeda (TV series)
Andromeda is a Canadian
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United States
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 science fiction
Science fiction
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 television series, based on unused material by the late Star Trek
Star Trek
Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. The core of Star Trek is its six television series: The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise...

creator Gene Roddenberry
Gene Roddenberry
Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry was an American television screenwriter, producer and futurist, best known for creating the American science fiction series Star Trek. Born in El Paso, Texas, Roddenberry grew up in Los Angeles, California where his father worked as a police officer...

, developed by Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Robert Hewitt Wolfe is an American television producer and screenwriter. He is mostly known for his work as a writer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and for developing and producing the series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda...

, and produced by Roddenberry's widow, Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Majel Barrett
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry was an American actress and producer. She is perhaps best known for her role as Nurse Christine Chapel in the original Star Trek series, Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and for being the voice of most onboard computer interfaces throughout the series...

. It starred Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo
Kevin David Sorbo is an American actor best known for the roles of Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda and Kull in Kull the Conqueror.-Early life:...

 as High Guard
High Guard
The High Guard is a fictional military organization in the TV series Andromeda.-History:Its origins can be traced back to a legendary Vedran male warrior, General Huascar Nax Yoweri, whose campaign of conquest across the three Galaxies produced the Vedran Empire...

 Captain Dylan Hunt. The series premiered on October 2, 2000 and ended on May 13, 2005.

Andromeda was filmed in Vancouver
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, British Columbia
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, Canada, and produced by Tribune Entertainment
Tribune Entertainment
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 and Fireworks Entertainment
Fireworks Entertainment
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. It was distributed by Global TV
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 (Fireworks' parent company) in Canada and syndicated in the United States on WGN and other channels.