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  Subject Replies Date
Invasion of Gaul 0 4/25/2017
What other authors accounted his life and times? 2 10/26/2016
No 0 2/23/2016
Hey 0 2/23/2016
Was Caesar his real name or was it given to him otherwise? 3 9/23/2015
What do you think julius caeser would think about 1. medical advances 2.technological advance 3.leisure 4. food today 5. government and military 1 5/19/2015
Hello 0 4/26/2015
Who killed him 6 4/26/2015
Who killed him and why 1 4/26/2015
How many works did Caesar publish on his conquests? 2 7/18/2014
Did Julius Caesar have any siblings? 3 7/17/2014
What are the various posts that Caesar held before ceasing power? 2 6/17/2014
What did Julius Caesar do in 46 B.C. in regards to calendars? 1 2/4/2014
Why julius caeser was a revenge play? 1 5/11/2013
Why was magna carta written? 1 1/5/2013
how was the conflict among him and pompey 0 10/20/2012