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Um Ruman

Um Ruman

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Zaynab bint ‘Āmir "Umm Rooman" was a Companion
In Islam, the ' were the companions, disciples, scribes and family of the Islamic prophet...

 of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

Zaynab was raised in Sarat in the Arabian Peninsula
Arabian Peninsula
The Arabian Peninsula is a land mass situated north-east of Africa. Also known as Arabia or the Arabian subcontinent, it is the world's largest peninsula and covers 3,237,500 km2...

. She married a young man from her tribe named ‘Abdullah ibn Harith
Harith is a Sanskrit word, meaning Green color and refers to one of the Surya's seven horses.Harith or Haris is a common Arabic name , Harith meaning the Lion which digs the earth and Haris meaning guardian or guard, and may refer to:* Harith al-Dhari , Sunni Arab cleric, and chairman of the...

 ibn Sakhbarah Azdi; their son was Tufail ibn Abdullah
Tufail ibn Abdullah
Tufail ibn Abdullah was a Sahaba, a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and stepson of Abu Bakr.His mother, Um Ruman, married a man from her tribe named Abd-Allah ibn Harith bin Sakhbarah Azdi. They moved to Mecca, where his father became the partner and companion of Abu Bakr.Soon after this...

. They then moved to Mecca
Mecca is a city in the Hijaz and the capital of Makkah province in Saudi Arabia. The city is located inland from Jeddah in a narrow valley at a height of above sea level...

, where ‘Abdullah became the partner and companion of Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr was a senior companion and the father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He ruled over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632-634 CE when he became the first Muslim Caliph following Muhammad's death...

 (who was already married to Qutaylah bint ‘Abdu l-
Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza
Qutaylah bint ʻAbdu l-ʻUzzá was married to Abu Bakr and had two children with him, Asma bint Abi Bakr and `Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr, when Muhammad started his mission. When Abu Bakr declared his conversion to Islam, Qutaylah did not do the same...

‘Uzzá) and had a daughter, Asma, and a son, ‘Abdullah.

Soon after, Zaynab was widowed and she and her son were left with no support. Seeing her precarious condition, Abu Bakr married her. They later had a daughter, ‘A'ishah
Aisha bint Abu Bakr also transcribed as was Muhammad's favorite wife...

 bint Abu Bakr, who married the Prophet Muhammad (S).And a son, Abdul Rahman ibn Abi Bakr.