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The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital

The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital

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The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital (NKS) , is the new university hospital to be built in Stockholm
Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden and constitutes the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. Stockholm is the most populous city in Sweden, with a population of 851,155 in the municipality , 1.37 million in the urban area , and around 2.1 million in the metropolitan area...

, Sweden
Sweden , officially the Kingdom of Sweden , is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Sweden borders with Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund....

, replacing the present Karolinska University Hospital
Karolinska University Hospital
The Karolinska University Hospital is a university hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, with two major sites in the municipalities of Huddinge and Solna....

. Estimated completion is December 2015.

NKS is also Sweden's first public-private partnership
Public-private partnership
Public–private partnership describes a government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies...

(PPP) project in healthcare.

The PPP process

The New Karolinska Solna is being built as a PPP-project.

This means that not only construction of the building, but also facility management, maintenance, and service is to be provided for a period of approximately 25 years following the completion of the building.
Also, financing of the project is to be included in the project that is procured by the Stockholm County Council.


A number of reports and decisions from 2001 and forward established the need for a new university hospital, to replace the present Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

To construct a new hospital has been considered to be more cost effective, compared to renovating and refurbishing the present facilities, spread over a large area in more than 40 buildings. Building a new hospital will also facilitate a new approach to healthcare implementing modern ideas and practices.

In April 2008, the decision was made by the Stockholm County Council to build a new university hospital in Stockholm. It was also decided that the operations of the hospital shall be carefully evaluated, and a new modern approach to healthcare be applied.
In June 2008, it was decided that the new university hospital will be built using the PPP (or PFI) model which includes also financing as well as management of the building after the completion.


  • Open for tenders from prequalified corporations until 30 September 2009.
  • Financial close, 30 June 2010.
  • Start of construction, Summer of 2010.
  • Inauguration 11 December 2015.


The procurement and planning of the New Karolinska Solna University Hospital is managed by the Stockholm County Council and the New Karolinska Solna Administration.
Head of the project is Professor Lennart Persson. Professor of neuro-surgery at the Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden.

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