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Satkhira District

Satkhira District

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The district of Satkhira consists 3296 mosques, 1305 temples, 59 churches, 35 Buddhist temples, 8 tombs and 45 shrines.


Satkhira subdivision was established in 1861 under Jessore district. It was included into Khulna district in 1882. The subdivision was upgraded into a district in 1984 as a result of administrative decentralisation. The district consists of two municipalities, seven upazilas, 79 union parishads, eight thana and 1436 villages.

The upazilas are:
  1. Satkhira Sadar(Village:Sultanpur,Gopinathpur,Taltala,Magura,etc.)
  2. Assasuni
  3. Debhata
  4. Kalaroa
  5. Kaliganj
    Kaliganj is an administrative division in Krishnanagar Sadar subdivision of Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Kaliganj police station serves this block...

  6. Shyamnagar
    Shyamnagar Upazila is a small town and the largest thana of Bangladesh with an area of 1968.24 km². It has many beautiful places including some part of the Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest in the world.-Location:...

  7. Tala
    Tala Upazila
    Tala is an upazila of the Satkhira District in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh. It was established in 1913 and made an upazila in 1983.-Geography:Tala is located at . It has 47394 households and a total area of 344.15 km².-Demographics:...

  8. Patkelghata

The two municipalities are Satkhira Sadar and Kalaroa.

Places of interest, archaeological heritage and relics

The Sundarbans [Sundarban Tour Booking-9051115228] is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world.The name Sundarban can be literally translated as "beautiful jungle" or "beautiful forest" in the Bengali language...

 is the largest single block of tidal halophytic
A halophyte is a plant that grows where it is affected by salinity in the root area or by salt spray, such as in saline semi-deserts, mangrove swamps, marshes and sloughs, and seashores. An example of a halophyte is the salt marsh grass Spartina alterniflora . Relatively few plant species are...

Mangroves are various kinds of trees up to medium height and shrubs that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics and subtropics – mainly between latitudes N and S...

 forest in the world and is a World Heritage Site
World Heritage Site
A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the UNESCO as of special cultural or physical significance...

, and covers an area of 5747 km².

The region is home to many ancient buildings and temples such as Sultanpur Shahi Mosque (500 years old), Joykali Mandir, Puratan Satkhira (300 years old), Jahajghata Naval Fort (Mautala, 1567), Baro Duary (Ishwaripur, 1582), Shahi Mosque (Banshipur, 1599), Joseshwari Mandir (Ishwaripur, 1899), Triangular Mandir of Chanda Bhairabi (Ishwaripur),Mothbaria Nabaratna Mandir (sonabaria, kalaroa 1767), Nagar Fort of Raja Pratapaditya (Kaliganj), Parabajpur Mosque (Mukundapur), Hamman Khana (Ishwaripur), the Mozaffar Garden, the Tetulia Jami Mosque
History of Tetulia, Satkhira
In the village of Tetulia , which is in the Tala upazila in the district of Satkhira in Bangladesh, stands the beautiful Tetulia Jami Mosque, which is also known as the Khan Bahadur Salamatullah Mosque or the Tetulia Shahi Mosque...

Tala Upazila
Tala is an upazila of the Satkhira District in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh. It was established in 1913 and made an upazila in 1983.-Geography:Tala is located at . It has 47394 households and a total area of 344.15 km².-Demographics:...

, 1858–59)bonalata housing project and bonalata garden, New and Mini Picnic Spot-Sattar Moroler Bari(Bandakati, Kaliganj, Satkhira).
Mini Market Satkhira
Sohid Nazmul Soroni


Satkhira is politically very liberal. Famous Political Leaders are: Md. Habibul Islam Habib (Ex. MP),Principal Mawlana Abdul Khalek (Ex. Mp), Late SM Alauddin(Ex. Member of Parlament, 1972), Kazi Shamshur Rahman (Ex. MP), Soida Razia Fayej, Dr. AFM Ruhul Haq (Health Minister), Late Alhaz Shamsur Rahman, Late Kamal Bokth Saki, Ad. Syed Eftekhar Ali, Didar Bokth, SK Anser Ali, Ad. Samsul Haque, Ad. Mustafa Lutfullah, Dr. Aftabuzzaman, Abdur Rahman (Ex. Upozila Chairman of Debhata), Abdur Rafiq, Ad. Munsur Ali, nominated person for the 2008 National Parliament Election, Md. Nazrul Islam, General Secretary, Bangladesh Awami League, Satkhira Zilla, Sk.Sahid Uddin,( Phansydyl Drug Addict)Joint General Secretary,Bangladesh Awami League, Satkhira Zilla,Sk.Maruf Hasan Mithu,(Phansydyl Drug Addict)President,Bangladesh Awami Volunteer League,Satkhira Zilla,Mir Mostak Ali,(Heroine + Phansydyl+ Cannabis Addict) Gneral Secretary,Bangladesh Awami Volunteer League,Satkhira Zilla

1. Engineer Mujibar Rahman

1. M.A. Jabbar ( national party )

1. Dr. A.F.M. Ruhul Haque

1. Mr. Golam Reza

Literacy and educational institutions

The average literacy rate for males is 59.7%, and for females 51%. Educational institutions: 79 colleges, 1 primary education institute, 421 high schools, 41 junior high schools, 259 madrasas, 822 government primary schools. Locally published newspapers and periodical dailies: Kafela, Patradut, The Daily Juger Barta, the daily drishtipat.
Schools: Satkhira Govt. High School (1962), Satkhira Govt. Girls High School (1974), PNP Collegiate School (1846) Prananath High School (P.N.) Sultanpur (1862), B. Dey Government High School (Tala, 1888), Gobordari-Jordia High School (1943), Rasulpur high school, polashpole high school, Gava AKM Adrasha High School, Kumira High School (Tala, 1914), Nalta High School (1917), Chapra High School (1973), Assasuni High School (1911), Debhata BBMP Institute (Pilot High School, 1919), Dhandia High School (Tala, 1885), Rishilpi Centre School (1994). Among them Satkhira Govt. High School is the best. It's known a 'bots school' in the local. It's only for the boys. They earns a good result every year in j.s.c, s.s.c. A large number of students study here. It's nearest competitor is Satkhira Govt. Girls High School. They also makes a good result. satkhira govt. high schools web address ' www.sghs-bd,com '
Kaliganj:- Kaliganj High School (1936), D.K. Collegiate School, Bishnupur P.K. High School, Fatepur High School(1970), Gobindakathi High School, Chowmuhani High School, Chowmuhani ___ Madrasa, Krishnanagar High School, Srikhala High School, Nengi High School, Bandakati Ahmadia Fazil Madrasa, Kushlia Darus Sunnat Dakhil Madrasa & etc.
Ghona High School, Polash Pole High School (1970), Bankal High School (1953), Satkhira Govt. Girls' High School, Satkhira Govt. High School, Ratanpur T. N. High School (1940), Rahamatpur Nabajug Shiksha Sopan High School (1951), Kaikhali Shamsur Rahman (S.R) High School (Shyamnagar,1953), Kunduria PN High School (Assasuni), Sota Chaitaly Sangah (1994), Sultanpur Tigers Club (2010), Bankal Provati Sangha. Town Sporting Club. Kalaroa G K M K Pilot Highschool (1932), Shyamnagar Mohsin College, SK Amanullah Degree College. Samakal High School. Shahid Muktijoddha Mohabiddhaloye Tala. Kalaroa Gov't College (Kalaroa), Darul Ulum Dakhil Madrasha (Islampur-Brojobaksha, Kalaroa), Kalaroa Alia Madrasha. KALAROA B. Ed COLLEGE.
Puijala B.M.R.B.High School,H M S HIGH SCHOOL (Harihar nagar,Tala)
Shalikha College (Tala)


Main occupations: Agriculture 36.9%, fishing 1.86%, pisciculture 1.01%, agricultural labourer 26.74%, wage labourer 3.72%, commerce 13.32%, industry 1.49%, transport 2.46%, service 4.37%, and others 8.13%. Main crops: paddy, jute, sugarcane, mustard seed, potato, onion and betel leaf. Extinct or nearly extinct crops: indigo, linseed, sesame, kaun and aus paddy. Main fruits: mango, black berry, jackfruit, banana, papaya, litchi, coconut and guava. Fisheries and farms: 86 dairies, 322 poultries, 3046 fisheries, 3650 shrimp farms, 66 hatcheries and 1 artificial breeding centre.

There are 265 hat shops and bazaars, the most noted of which are Sultanpur Boro Bazaar (Biggest bazaar in the whole district), Ptkelghata (the largest bazaar in the district), Kaliganj, Nalta, Nazimganj, Baliadanga, Mowtala (Kaliganj), Ratanpur bazaar (Ratanpur), Shyamnagar, Nawabeki, Ghona hat, Nurnagar Bazar (Shyamnagar), Tala, Balia (Tala); 37 fairs, noted of which are Gurpukur Mela (three hundred years old, Satkhira Town), Dublar Mela (Dublar Char, Satkhira Sadar), Baruni Mela, Dol Purnima Mela (Katunia Rajbari), Rath Jatra Mela (Kushalia, Kaliganj), Sharashati Puza'r Meal (Bishnupur, Kaliganj), Baishakhi Mela (Koila, Jugikhali, Kamarkhali, Kalaroa Upazila), Parulia Shashan Ghat Mela (Debhata), Baruni Mela (Sonar Mora), Charak Mela (Munshiganj), Rash Mela (Arpanghashia) and Dolmela (Gopalpur, Shyamnagar).

The main exports are shrimp, paddy, jute
Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced from plants in the genus Corchorus, which has been classified in the family Tiliaceae, or more recently in Malvaceae....

, wheat, betel leaf, leather and jute goods.


DIGANTA,SoDESH-Satkhira, Uttaran, Shusilan, Rishilpi Development Project, Palli Chetana, Santi Foundation, NCTF, SUS, SHETU-Bangladesh, Nawabenki Ganamukhi Foundation, UP, BUMIJE, Mukte Foundation, PROTIK Trust, Paritran, Navojeban, Agrogoti Sangstha, Eda, Ideal, Bhumistha, Kheya, USHA, RK, NZ Foundation, Nakshi Kantha, Shapla Sangstha etc.