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Amore Musica is the fourth album by British
British people
The British are citizens of the United Kingdom, of the Isle of Man, any of the Channel Islands, or of any of the British overseas territories, and their descendants...

 tenor Russell Watson
Russell Watson
Russell Watson is an English tenor who has released singles and albums of both operatic-style and pop songs. The self-styled "People's Tenor" had been singing since he was a child, and became known after performing at a working men's club...

 released in 2005.

Track listing

  1. "Amore E Musica"
  2. "Magia Sarà"
  3. "You Raise Me Up"
  4. "Gladiatore" - based on the film Gladiator
    A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their legal and social standing and their lives by appearing in the...

  5. "I Te Vurria Vasa"
  6. "I Believe"
  7. "La Flamma Sacra"
  8. "You'll Still Be There for Me" - based on the film Rob Roy
    Rob Roy (film)
    Rob Roy is a 1995 historical drama film directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Liam Neeson stars as Robert Roy MacGregor, an 18th century Scottish historical figure who battles with feudal landowners in the Scottish Highlands. Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Eric Stoltz, and Jason Flemyng also star...

  9. "Alchemist" featuring Lara Fabian
    Lara Fabian
    Lara Fabian is a Belgian-Italian international singer who also holds Canadian citizenship. Multilingual, she sings in French, Italian and English....

  10. "Pray For The Love"
  11. "C'è Sempre Musica"
  12. "I'll Walk with God" - from The Student Prince
    The Student Prince
    The Student Prince is an operetta in four acts with music by Sigmund Romberg and book and lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly. It is based on Wilhelm Meyer-Förster's play Alt Heidelberg. The piece has elements of melodrama but lacks the swashbuckling style common to Romberg's other works...

  13. "We Will Stand Together" - based on Elgar's Nimrod
    Nimrod means "Hunter"; was a Biblical Mesopotamian king mentioned in the Table of Nations; an eponym for the city of Nimrud.Nimrod can also refer to any of the following:*Nimród Antal, a director...

This album was produced by British record producer, Simon Franglen.