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Abbey (coachbuilder)

Abbey (coachbuilder)

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Abbey was a British coachbuilding business based in Merton
London Borough of Merton
The London Borough of Merton is a borough in southwest London, England.The borough was formed under the London Government Act in 1965 by the merger of the Municipal Borough of Mitcham, the Municipal Borough of Wimbledon and the Merton and Morden Urban District, all formerly within Surrey...

, South West London and later Acton
Acton, London
Acton is a district of west London, England, located in the London Borough of Ealing. It is situated west of Charing Cross.At the time of the 2001 census, Acton, comprising the wards of East Acton, Acton Central, South Acton and Southfield, had a population of 53,689 people...

, North West London and was active between 1930 and about 1938.

Arthur P Compton set up several coachbuilding businesses, including Compton, Sons and Terry which was founded in 1929 in Merton, South West London. He left this in 1930 to set up on his own and the other partner D.H. Terry with D.H.B. Power renamed the company Abbey Coachworks. In 1933 the company moved to larger premises in Acton, North West London. In 1936 they took over the Wingham brand from Martin Walter
Martin Walter
Martin Walter is a , Czech-born German professional ice hockey defenceman. He is currently playing for Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga .-External links:...

 and changed their name to Wingham Martin Walter. They exhibited at the 1937 London Motor Show under the new name but by the late 1930s custom coachbuilding on car maker's chassis was in terminal decline and they seem to have gone out of business shortly afterwards. Martin Walter themselves remained in business and after World War II made a range of motor caravans under the Dormobile name.

Abbey seem to have concentrated on short production runs rather than bespoke bodywork. Cars they equipped included the Wolseley
Wolseley Motor Company
The Wolseley Motor Company was a British automobile manufacturer founded in 1901. After 1935 it was incorporated into larger companies but the Wolseley name remained as an upmarket marque until 1975.-History:...

 Hornet, Rover
Rover (car)
The Rover Company is a former British car manufacturing company founded as Starley & Sutton Co. of Coventry in 1878. After developing the template for the modern bicycle with its Rover Safety Bicycle of 1885, the company moved into the automotive industry...

 20 and various MGs
MG (car)
The MG Car Company is a former British sports car manufacturer founded in the 1920s by Cecil Kimber. Best known for its two-seat open sports cars, MG also produced saloons and coup├ęs....

, Fords
Ford of Britain
Ford of Britain is a British wholly owned subsidiary of Ford of Europe, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Its business started in 1909 and has its registered office in Brentwood, Essex...

 and Vauxhalls
Vauxhall Motors
Vauxhall Motors is a British automotive company owned by General Motors and headquartered in Luton. It was founded in 1857 as a pump and marine engine manufacturer, began manufacturing cars in 1903 and was acquired by GM in 1925. It has been the second-largest selling car brand in the UK for...

. Some of their production was for other coachbuilders such as Jarvis of Wimbledon and was sold under names other than Abbey.