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"It is time to see and accept the truth the evidence supports." -from page 2 of "The Present" 0 4/15/2018
How can quantum mechanics be applied? 2 9/24/2016
What are the philosophical consequences of quantum mechanics? 4 9/23/2016
The dimension of time is an illusion. 0 1/8/2016
Problem with the [p,x] commutator 0 9/1/2015
Can anyone give me a brief explanation on quantum mechanics?I am relatively new to the subject... 1 6/1/2015
History of quantum mechanics 1 7/18/2014
Quantum Darwinism 0 5/18/2014
Dear Absolute, I found an earlier discussion on your site about Dirac's bra-ket notation that was very useful. My question now is, for "simple" quan... 0 9/17/2013
Expectation value 0 4/1/2013