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  Subject Replies Date
How do we explain Einstein's genius? 20 3/8/2019
If you cannot travel faster than light do neutrinos do Albert your wrong! 44 1/3/2019
A life-changing book about truth 0 4/5/2018
Space and time or spacetime 0 3/15/2017
TimeA Determined Necessity 8 12/26/2016
E=mc^2 1 10/15/2016
MICHELSON- MORLEY Two New facts I Discover ( my own Nikon Evaluate this ) 1 9/29/2016
What makes the theory of special relativity so important? 4 9/24/2016
My question is simple is it possible to connect a motor to a generator and when the motor is driven to the peak speed then the output of the generator... 3 5/7/2016
Global Time dimensions 1 4/8/2016
Universal Time dimensions 2 3/31/2016
What are the given values of E=MCsquared? if source of energy is the sun? 4 3/17/2016
what college did einstein attend? 1 2/18/2016
E=MC^2 1 2/7/2016
Speed of light or better "Time Travel " 3 2/5/2016
A few incorect assuymptions in physic 2 11/21/2015
My son and I were talking and we'd like to know what Albert Einstein would have thought about the process of recycled water in today's world. I have ... 0 11/10/2015
How has the work of albert einstein changed our lives 2 9/27/2015
The Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis (PEH) 1 7/25/2015
The path is forward us 0 4/9/2015
Our Place In the Known Universe 2 2/5/2015
In his writings or perhaps during any of his lectures, did Albert Einstein suggest the possibility of intelligent life in the cosmos. He seems to hav... 1 2/5/2015
As in my view as relating to energy let suppose if there is water at height (water tank) and a pipe emerging from it come down on genertor which pr... 1 1/10/2015
Dark Matter = Relative Mass? 0 11/10/2014
Did albert einstein build a bomb 1 10/25/2014
Length Contraction MMX (10/16/2010) 1 10/18/2014
Theory of relativity 1 9/21/2014
Did he derived a formular for God and man 2 9/21/2014
Did Einstein have a definitive opinion on the existence of God ? 1 7/23/2014
Religion 1 7/23/2014
Did Einstein have a definitive opinion about the existence of Hod? 1 7/23/2014
What is photoelectric effect? how did u derive the equation of photoelectric effect? 2 5/9/2014
Did Einstein hide on 'Hertz spaces', 'dialectical physics', 'the limit of angular speed'? 0 5/4/2014
The absoluteness of the speed of light 1 4/12/2014
Einstein updated 4 3/7/2014
Can anyone beat Einstein's brain? 13 1/12/2014
Greetings, What always bothered me was how can you tell the difference between gravity's effect on the light passing a star and refraction? Cheers, C... 1 12/14/2013
Thoughts... 3 12/8/2013
When did his wife die 1 12/8/2013
What are the main and basic concept of Einstein that cause the failure of Newton's Gravitational Law. 2 9/14/2013
Why did einstein use " Lorentz " theory/equasion which accordingly states time travel is possible if you can travel faster than light energy ? And wh... 4 8/6/2013
What were Einstein's political views? 5 5/14/2013
How has Einstein influenced popular culture? 4 4/10/2013
What were some of Einstein's most important achievements? 6 4/9/2012