Food and beverage

  • Squash (plant), the fruit of vines of the genus Cucurbita
  • Squash (drink)
    Squash (drink)
    Squash is a non-alcoholic concentrated syrup that is usually fruit-flavoured and usually made from fruit juice, water, and sugar or a sugar substitute. Modern squashes may also contain food colouring and additional flavouring...

    , a drink made of concentrated fruit syrup or fructose
  • Tuborg Squash
    Tuborg Squash
    Tuborg Squash is a Danish orange flavoured soft drink, brewed and distributed by Tuborg Brewery. Squash is largely a Danish product, and is not widely available outside of Denmark. According to its producers, it is the oldest Danish soft drink still in existence.In the 1990s, a famous series of...

    , a Danish orange-flavoured soft drink


  • Squash (sport)
    Squash (sport)
    Squash is a high-speed racquet sport played by two players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball...

  • Squash tennis
    Squash tennis
    Squash tennis is an American variant of squash racquets, but played with a ball and racquets that are closer to the equipment used for lawn tennis, and with somewhat different rules. For younger players the game offers the complexity of squash racquets and the speed of racquetball...

    , a similar game but played with equipment related more to that of tennis
  • Squash (professional wrestling), an extremely one-sided match in professional wrestling


  • Squash (2002 film)
    Squash (2002 film)
    Squash is a 2002 French short film directed and written by Lionel Bailliu. The film has won multiple awards at film festivals and was nominated for an Academy Award in the Live Action Short Film category in 2004...

    , an Academy Award-nominated short film about a squash game
  • SquashFS
    SquashFS is a compressed read-only file system for Linux. SquashFS compresses files, inodes and directories, and supports block sizes up to 1 MB for greater compression...

    , a read-only file system
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