Resorcinol glue
Resorcinol glue is a glue
This is a list of various types of glue. Historically, the term "glue" only referred to protein colloids prepared from animal flesh. The meaning has been extended to refer to any fluid adhesive....

 that is high in both wet
Wet strength
Wet strength of paper is a measure of how well the fibreweb is holding together upon a force of rupture. Wet strength is routinely expressed as the ratio of wet to dry tensile force at break.-Mechanism:...

 and dry strength and resistant to high temperatures. It is used for gluing lumber
Lumber or timber is wood in any of its stages from felling through readiness for use as structural material for construction, or wood pulp for paper production....

 or assembly joints that must withstand severe service conditions. Resorcinol withstands outdoor exposure, tropical or sub zero temperatures, as well as salt or fresh water immersion.
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