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Mavronéri is a river identified with the River Styx of Greek mythology
Greek mythology
Greek mythology is the body of myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. They were a part of religion in ancient Greece...

 according to Hesiod
Hesiod was a Greek oral poet generally thought by scholars to have been active between 750 and 650 BC, around the same time as Homer. His is the first European poetry in which the poet regards himself as a topic, an individual with a distinctive role to play. Ancient authors credited him and...

’s description in Theogony
The Theogony is a poem by Hesiod describing the origins and genealogies of the gods of the ancient Greeks, composed circa 700 BC...

. It is located near Nonakris
Nonakris was an ancient city in Arcadian Azania, situated in what is now the Achaea prefecture.Said to be named after the wife of Lycaon, Nonakris was part of the state of Pheneos. It was located near a cliff from which water thought to be that of the Styx trickled...

 in the Aroania Mountains
Aroania (mountain)
Aroania, also known as Chelmos, Helmos and Khelmos , is a mountain range that spans about 15 to 20 km from north to south and about 5 to 10 km from west to directly east of Kalavryta to the Achaia-Corinthia prefectural border. The mountain range is in the prefecture of Achaia...

 of Arcadia
Arcadia is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the administrative region of Peloponnese. It is situated in the central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It takes its name from the mythological character Arcas. In Greek mythology, it was the home of the god Pan...

 on the Peloponnesian peninsula
The Peloponnese, Peloponnesos or Peloponnesus , is a large peninsula , located in a region of southern Greece, forming the part of the country south of the Gulf of Corinth...

. Some scientists have speculated that the waters of the Mavronéri were used to poison Alexander the Great in 323BCE.