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Lincoln Child

Lincoln Child

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Lincoln Child is an author
An author is broadly defined as "the person who originates or gives existence to anything" and that authorship determines responsibility for what is created. Narrowly defined, an author is the originator of any written work.-Legal significance:...

 of seventeen techno-thriller
Techno-thrillers are a hybrid genre, drawing subject matter generally from spy/action thrillers, fantasy/war novels, and science fiction...

 and horror
Horror fiction
Horror fiction also Horror fantasy is a philosophy of literature, which is intended to, or has the capacity to frighten its readers, inducing feelings of horror and terror. It creates an eerie atmosphere. Horror can be either supernatural or non-supernatural...

A novel is a book of long narrative in literary prose. The genre has historical roots both in the fields of the medieval and early modern romance and in the tradition of the novella. The latter supplied the present generic term in the late 18th century....

s. He often writes with Douglas Preston
Douglas Preston
Douglas Preston is an American author who has written seventeen popular techno-thriller and horror novels, four alone and the rest with Lincoln Child...

. Many of their novels have become bestsellers, and one, Relic, was adapted into a feature film
Feature film
In the film industry, a feature film is a film production made for initial distribution in theaters and being the main attraction of the screening, rather than a short film screened before it; a full length movie...

. Child and Preston's books are notable for their thorough research.

Born in Westport, Connecticut
Westport, Connecticut
-Neighborhoods:* Saugatuck – around the Westport railroad station near the southwestern corner of the town – a built-up area with some restaurants, stores and offices....

, but now a New Jersey
New Jersey
New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States. , its population was 8,791,894. It is bordered on the north and east by the state of New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania and on the southwest by Delaware...

 resident, Child graduated from Carleton College
Carleton College
Carleton College is an independent non-sectarian, coeducational, liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. The college enrolls 1,958 undergraduate students, and employs 198 full-time faculty members. In 2012 U.S...

 in Northfield, Minnesota
Northfield, Minnesota
As of the census of 2000, there were 17,147 people, 4,909 households, and 3,210 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,452.2 people per square mile . There were 5,119 housing units at an average density of 732.1 per square mile...

, with a major in English.

Soon afterward, in 1979, he secured a job as an editorial assistant at St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Press is a book publisher headquartered in the Flatiron Building in New York City. Currently, St. Martin's Press is one of the United States' largest publishers, bringing to the public some 700 titles a year under eight imprints, which include St. Martin's Press , St...

. By 1984, Child had become full editor. While in this position, he edited hundreds of books, most titles being American
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 and English
England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west; the Irish Sea is to the north west, the Celtic Sea to the south west, with the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south separating it from continental...

Fiction is the form of any narrative or informative work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary—that is, invented by the author. Although fiction describes a major branch of literary work, it may also refer to theatrical,...


In 1987 after founding the company's mass-market horror division, Child left the St. Martin's Press to become a Systems Analyst at MetLife. Child's first novel, Relic, was published in 1995. He left the company a few years later to write full time.

Child is now a resident of Morristown, New Jersey
Morristown, New Jersey
Morristown is a town in Morris County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the town population was 18,411. It is the county seat of Morris County. Morristown became characterized as "the military capital of the American Revolution" because of its strategic role in the...


The Pendergast novels

  • Relic (1995)
  • Reliquary
    Reliquary (novel)
    Reliquary is the 1997 New York Times best-selling sequel to Relic, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The legacy of the blood-maddened Mbwun lives on in "Reliquary", but the focus is shifted from the original museum setting to the tunnels beneath the streets of New York City.-Plot summary:The...

  • The Cabinet of Curiosities
    The Cabinet of Curiosities
    The Cabinet of Curiosities is a 2002 novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.-Plot summary:Dr. Nora Kelly's life as an archeologist at New York City's American Museum of Natural History becomes complicated when Aloysius X. L...

  • Still Life with Crows
    Still Life with Crows
    Still Life with Crows is a 2003 thriller novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is the fourth novel to feature FBI Special Agent Pendergast as protagonist....

  • Diogenes Trilogy
    • Brimstone (2004)
    • Dance of Death
      Dance of Death (novel)
      Dance of Death is a 2005 novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is the second book in a trilogy: the first book is Brimstone, released in 2004, and the last book is The Book of the Dead, released in 2006.-Synopsis:...

    • The Book of the Dead
      The Book of the Dead (novel)
      The Book of the Dead is a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is the third and final installment to the trilogy concentrating on FBI Special Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast and his relationship with Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta in their pursuit to stop Pendergast's brother,...

  • The Wheel of Darkness
    The Wheel of Darkness
    The Wheel of Darkness is a 2007 novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It entered The New York Times Best Seller list at number two on September 16, 2007, and remained on the list for five weeks.-Plot summary:...

  • Cemetery Dance
    Cemetery Dance (novel)
    Cemetery Dance is the name of a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. During production, it was known by the pre-release title Revenant...

  • Helen Trilogy
    • Fever Dream
      Fever Dream (novel)
      Fever Dream is a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was released on May 11, 2010. The preceding novel is Cemetery Dance, and it is followed by Cold Vengeance.-Plot:...

    • Cold Vengeance (2011)

Other novels

  • Mount Dragon
    Mount Dragon
    Mount Dragon is a 1996 techno-thriller novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The action primarily follows Guy Carson and Susana Cabeza de Vaca, two researchers employed by the corporation GeneDyne and stationed at the Mount Dragon facility in New Mexico...

  • Riptide
    Riptide (novel)
    Riptide is a novel written by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston published in 1998 by Warner Books.The novel revolves around a plot to retrieve the buried treasure of nefarious pirate Red Ned Ockham. The treasure, which is estimated to be worth close to two billion dollars, reputedly includes "St...

  • Thunderhead
    Thunderhead (novel)
    Thunderhead is a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child about a woman named Nora Kelly who finds a letter that was written sixteen years ago, but mysteriously sent to her only recently. The letter is written by her father, long believed dead. The letter talks about a lost city of gold that...

  • The Ice Limit
    The Ice Limit
    The Ice Limit is a 2000 techno-thriller novel by authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.-Plot summary:Meteorite hunter Nestor Masangkay arrives on Isla DesolaciĆ³n, a small island near Cape Horn in Chile, tracking a possible meteorite. Using a tomgraphic scanner, Masangkay confirms that not only...


Solo works

  • Utopia (2002)
  • Death Match (2004)
  • Deep Storm
    Deep Storm
    Deep Storm is a novel by American author Lincoln Child, published on January 30, 2007.-Part 1:Former naval doctor Peter Crane is sent to investigate a mysterious illness that has broken out on a North Atlantic oil rig. He meets his superior officer, Dr. Asher who hints at a fantastic secret being...

  • Terminal Freeze
    Terminal Freeze
    Terminal Freeze is a solo novel by Lincoln Child. The novel was released on February 24, 2009.-Plot:The events take place in Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle...

  • The Third Gate (2012)

See also

  • Aloysius Pendergast
    Aloysius Pendergast
    Aloysius Xingu L. Pendergast is a fictional character appearing in novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. He first appeared as a supporting character in their first novel, Relic, and in its sequel Reliquary, before assuming the protagonist role in The Cabinet of Curiosities.Pendergast is a...

    , main fictional character in one series of books
  • Vincent D'Agosta
    Vincent D'Agosta
    Detective Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta is a fictional character appearing in the novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. He is an Italian New Yorker and a main character in several different storylines.-Fictional character biography:...

    , another character from Child's novels

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