Klumpke-Roberts Award

Klumpke-Roberts Award

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The Klumpke-Roberts Award was established from a bequest by astronomer
An astronomer is a scientist who studies celestial bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies.Historically, astronomy was more concerned with the classification and description of phenomena in the sky, while astrophysics attempted to explain these phenomena and the differences between them using...

 Dorothea Klumpke-Roberts and recognizes outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy.http://www.astrosociety.org/membership/awards/klumpke.html The award is managed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is a scientific and educational organization, founded in San Francisco on February 7, 1889. Its name derives from its origins on the Pacific Coast, but today it has members all over the country and the world...


Klumpke-Roberts Award winners are:
  • 2009 Isabel Hawkins
  • 2008 Dava Sobel
    Dava Sobel
    Dava Sobel is a writer of popular expositions of scientific topics. She graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and Binghamton University...

  • 2007 Noreen Grice
  • 2006 Jeffrey Rosendhal
  • 2005 Jeffrey Goldstein
  • 2004 Seth Shostak
    Seth Shostak
    Seth Shostak is an American astronomer. He grew up in Arlington, VA and earned his physics degree from Princeton University and a Ph.D...

  • 2003 Hubble Heritage Project
    Hubble Heritage Project
    The Hubble Heritage Project was founded by a group of astronomers in 1998. The team releases on an almost monthly basis pictures of celestial objects like planets, stars, galaxies and galaxy clusters....

    , Space Telescope Science Institute
    Space Telescope Science Institute
    The Space Telescope Science Institute is the science operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope and for the James Webb Space Telescope...

  • 2002 Don Davis and Jon Lomberg
    Jon Lomberg
    Jon Lomberg is an American space artist and science journalist. He was Carl Sagan's principal artistic collaborator for more than twenty years on many projects from 1972 until 1996...

  • 2001 Sandi Preston
  • 2000 Jack Horkheimer
    Jack Horkheimer
    Jack Horkheimer, born Foley Arthur Horkheimer , was the executive director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium. He was best known for his astronomy show Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer, which started airing on PBS on November 4, 1976.-Early life:Jack Horkheimer was born in 1938 to a wealthy family...

  • 1999 Stephen P. Maran
  • 1998 Julieta Fierro
  • 1997 Franklyn M. Branley
  • 1996 Terence Dickinson
    Terence Dickinson
    Terence Dickinson, CM is a leading amateur astronomer and science writer who lives near the rural town of Yarker, Ontario, Canada. He is the editor of SkyNews magazine and an astronomy commentator for Discovery Channel Canada. He has written fourteen books, which are widely regarded as some of...

  • 1995 Heidi Hammel
    Heidi Hammel
    -Background:Dr. Heidi B. Hammel is the Executive Vice President of AURA, Inc. , a consortium of 37 US members and 7 international affiliates...

  • 1994 Andrew Fraknoi
    Andrew Fraknoi
    Andrew Fraknoi, M.A., is an astronomy professor at Foothill College and the 2007 California Professor of the Year awarded by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Fraknoi also won the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's...

  • 1993 David Morrison
    David Morrison
    Lieutenant General David Lindsay Morrison AO is a senior officer within the Australian Army, currently serving in the position of Chief of Army.-Early life and career:...

  • 1992 Philip Morrison
    Philip Morrison
    Philip Morrison, was Institute Professor Emeritus and Professor of Physics Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .-Early life and education:...

  • 1991 Richard Berry
  • 1990 Donald Goldsmith
  • 1989 Ed Krupp
    Ed Krupp
    Edwin C. Krupp is an American astronomer and author. He has been the director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles for over thirty years, since first taking over the position in 1974 from his predecessor, William J...

  • 1988 Joseph Chamberlain
  • 1987 The Editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine
  • 1986 Timothy Ferris
    Timothy Ferris
    Timothy Ferris is a science writer and the best-selling author of twelve books, including The Science of Liberty and Coming of Age in the Milky Way , for which he was awarded the American Institute of Physics Prize and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize...

  • 1985 James Stokley
  • 1984 Deborah Byrd
    Deborah Byrd
    Deborah Byrd is an American science journalist. She is executive producer and cohost of the internationally syndicated Earth & Sky radio series....

  • 1983 Helen Sawyer Hogg
    Helen Sawyer Hogg
    Helen Battles Sawyer Hogg, CC was a prolific astronomer noted for her research into globular clusters...

  • 1982 Bart Bok
    Bart Bok
    Bart Jan Bok was a Dutch-American astronomer.He was born in the Netherlands, but spent a good deal of his childhood days growing up in what was then known as the Dutch East Indies. He was educated at the Leiden and Groningen Universities. In 1929 he married fellow astronomer Dr...

  • 1981 Dietrick Thomsen
  • 1980 Walter Sullivan
    Walter S. Sullivan
    Walter Seager Sullivan, Jr was considered the "dean" of science writers.Sullivan spent most of his career as a science reporter for the New York Times...

  • 1979 William Kaufmann
    William Kaufmann
    William Weed Kaufmann was an American nuclear strategist and adviser to seven defense secretaries, who advocated for a shift from the strategy of massive retaliation against the Soviet Union in the event of a nuclear strike.Kaufmann was born in Manhattan on November 10, 1918 to Charles and...

  • 1978 Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore
    Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, CBE, FRS, FRAS is a British amateur astronomer who has attained prominent status in astronomy as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter of the subject, and who is credited as having done more than any other person to raise the profile of...

  • 1977 Fred Hoyle
    Fred Hoyle
    Sir Fred Hoyle FRS was an English astronomer and mathematician noted primarily for his contribution to the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis and his often controversial stance on other cosmological and scientific matters—in particular his rejection of the "Big Bang" theory, a term originally...

  • 1976 Chesley Bonestell
    Chesley Bonestell
    Chesley Bonestell was an American painter, designer and illustrator. His paintings were a major influence on science fiction art and illustration, and he helped inspire the American space program...

  • 1975 Isaac Asimov
    Isaac Asimov
    Isaac Asimov was an American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books. Asimov was one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books and an estimated 90,000...

  • 1974 Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan
    Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer and science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences. He published more than 600 scientific papers and articles and was author, co-author or editor of more than 20 books...