Katarzyna Ostrogska (1602-1642)

Katarzyna Ostrogska (1602-1642)

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Katarzyna Ostrogska
Noble Family
The szlachta was a legally privileged noble class with origins in the Kingdom of Poland. It gained considerable institutional privileges during the 1333-1370 reign of Casimir the Great. In 1413, following a series of tentative personal unions between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of...

Ostrogski was one of the greatest Ruthenian princely families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.They were most likely of Rurikid stock and descended from Sviatopolk II of Kiev. Some scholars however claim their descent from Galicia-Volhynia line of Rurikid dynasty. Vasilko Romanovich Prince of...

Coat of Arms
Polish heraldry
Polish heraldry is a branch of heraldry focused on studying the development of coats of arms in the lands of historical Poland , as well as specifically-Polish traits of heraldry. The term is also used to refer to Polish heraldic system, as opposed to systems used elsewhere, notably in Western Europe...

Parents Aleksander Ostrogski
Aleksander Ostrogski
Prince Aleksander Ostrogski was a nobleman of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.He was voivode of the Wolhynian Voivodship since 1593. Married to Anna Kostka since 1592.-See also:* Lithuanian nobility* House of Ostrogski...

Anna Kostka
Consorts Tomasz Zamoyski
Tomasz Zamoyski
Tomasz Zamoyski was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and magnate.Tomasz was the 2nd Ordynat of the Zamość estates. He was voivode of Podole Voivodeship in 1618, voivode of Kijów Voivodeship in 1619, starost of Kraków in 1628, Deputy Chancellor of the Crown in 1635, as well as starost of Knyszyn,...

Children with Tomasz Zamoyski
Jan "Sobiepan" Zamoyski
Gryzelda Konstancja Zamoyska
Gryzelda Konstancja Zamoyska
Princess Gryzelda Konstancja Zamoyska was a Polish szlachcianka and mother of King Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki....

Joanna Barbara Zamoyska
Joanna Barbara Zamoyska
Joanna Barbara Zamoyska was a Polish noblewoman .She was married to Aleksander Koniecpolski in 1642....

Date of Birth 1602
Place of Birth ?
Date of Death 1642
Place of Death ?

Princess Katarzyna Ostrogska (1602–1642) was a Polish–Lithuanian noblewomen of Ruthenian
The name Ruthenian |Rus']]) is a culturally loaded term and has different meanings according to the context in which it is used. Initially, it was the ethnonym used for the East Slavic peoples who lived in Rus'. Later it was used predominantly for Ukrainians...


She married Tomasz Zamoyski in 1620.