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Captain (Canada)

Captain (Canada)

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See "Captain (disambiguation)" for other versions of this rank

Captain is a rank in the Canadian military.

In the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
The history of the Royal Canadian Air Force begins in 1920, when the air force was created as the Canadian Air Force . In 1924 the CAF was renamed the Royal Canadian Air Force and granted royal sanction by King George V. The RCAF existed as an independent service until 1968...

, the rank insignia of an army and air force captain is two wide bars.

The rank insignia of a navy captain is four wide bars.

All officer bars are of gold thread in the dress uniforms, olive drab in combat uniform. The equivalent rank in the Canadian Navy is Lieutenant
Lieutenant (Canada)
Lieutenant is a rank of the Canadian Forces. As with the rank of Captain , the naval rank is superior to the Land/Air rank.A naval Lieutenant is equivalent to ranks with a NATO code of OF-2, whereas land/air Lieutenants are equivalent to ranks with a NATO code of OF-1.The rank insignia of a naval...

A lieutenant is a junior commissioned officer in many nations' armed forces. Typically, the rank of lieutenant in naval usage, while still a junior officer rank, is senior to the army rank...