Bat-and-ball games
Bat-and-ball games are field
Playing field
A playing field is a field used for playing sports or games. They are generally outdoors, but many large structures exist to enclose playing fields from bad weather. Generally, playing fields are wide expanses of grass, dirt or sand without many obstructions...

A game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Games are distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration, and from art, which is more often an expression of aesthetic or ideological elements...

 played by two teams. The teams alternate between "batting" roles, sometimes called "in at bat" and "out in the field", or simply in and out. Only the batting team may score, so the fielding team is defending, but they have equal chances in both roles. The game is counted rather than timed.

A player on the fielding team puts the ball in play with a delivery whose restriction depends on the game. A player on the batting team attempts to strike the delivered ball, commonly with a "bat", which is a club governed by the rules of the game.

After striking the ball, the batter may become a runner trying to reach a "base" or safe haven. While in contact with a base, the runner is safe from the fielding team and in a position to score runs. Leaving a safe haven places the runner in danger of being put out. The teams switch roles when the fielding team puts the batting team out, which varies by game.
In modern baseball the fielders put three players out; in cricket they retire all players but one.

Some games permit multiple runners and some have multiple bases to run in sequence. Batting may occur, and running begin, at one of the bases. The movement between those "safe havens" is governed by the rules of the particular game.

Globally, baseball
Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each. The aim is to score runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat and touching a series of four bases arranged at the corners of a ninety-foot diamond...

 is the most popular game in the family.

List of bat-and-ball games

  • Baseball
    Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each. The aim is to score runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat and touching a series of four bases arranged at the corners of a ninety-foot diamond...

  • Bat-and-Trap
  • British baseball
    British baseball
    British baseball, sometimes called Welsh baseball, or in the areas where it is popular simply baseball, is a bat-and-ball game played primarily in Wales and England. It is closely related to the game of rounders, and indeed emerged as a distinct sport when governing bodies in Wales and England...

     - four posts
  • Brännboll
    Brännboll is a game similar to rounders, baseball, lapta and pesäpallo played on amateur level throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, mostly on fields and in public parks, but it is also part of the PE curriculum in some areas...

     - four bases
  • Corkball
    Corkball is a "mini-baseball" game featuring a ball, which is stitched and resembles a baseball. The bat has a barrel that measures in diameter. Originally played on the streets and alleys of St. Louis, Missouri as early as 1890, today the game has leagues formed around the country as a result...

     - four bases (no base-running)
  • Cricket
    Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on an oval-shaped field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. One team bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the...

     - two wickets
    • Test cricket
      Test cricket
      Test cricket is the longest form of the sport of cricket. Test matches are played between national representative teams with "Test status", as determined by the International Cricket Council , with four innings played between two teams of 11 players over a period of up to a maximum five days...

    • First-class cricket
      First-class cricket
      First-class cricket is a class of cricket that consists of matches of three or more days' scheduled duration, that are between two sides of eleven players and are officially adjudged first-class by virtue of the standard of the competing teams...

    • Blind cricket
      Blind cricket
      Blind cricket is a version of the sport of cricket adapted for blind and partially sighted players. It has governed by the World Blind Cricket Council since 1996...

    • Catchy Shubby
      Catchy Shubby Cricket
      Catchy Shubby Cricket is a variation of cricket that was invented in Jamaica.It is a faster moving version of cricket in which the roles change rapidly so every one gets a chance to bat and bowling within a short period...

    • Club cricket
      Club cricket
      Club cricket is a mainly amateur, but still formal, form of the sport of cricket, usually involving teams playing in competitions at weekends or in the evening. There is a great deal of variation in game format although the Laws of Cricket are always observed...

    • French cricket
      French cricket
      French cricket is an informal game derived from the sport of cricket. There is only one batsman, and their objective is to not be dismissed by the other participants - who are fielders, or a bowler if they have possession of the ball - for as long as possible. The objective of the other...

    • Gilli-danda
      Gilli-Danda is an amateur sport played in the rural areas and small towns all over the Indian subcontinent, as well as Cambodia....

    • Kilikiti
      Kilikiti is one of several forms of the game of cricket. Originating in Samoa , it spread throughout Polynesia and can now be found around the world in areas with strong Polynesian populations...

    • One Day International
    • Kwik cricket
      Kwik cricket
      Kwik cricket is a high-speed version of cricket aimed mainly at encouraging children to take part in the main sport....

    • List A cricket
    • Pro40
    • Indoor Cricket
      Indoor cricket
      Indoor cricket is a variant of and shares many basic concepts with cricket. The game is most often played between two teams each consisting of eight players, in matches featuring two innings of sixteen 7-ball overs each...

    • Limited overs cricket
    • Short form cricket
      Short form cricket
      Short form cricket is a collective term for several modified forms of the sport of cricket, with playing times significantly shorter than more traditional forms of the game....

    • Single Wicket
      Single Wicket
      Single wicket cricket is a form of cricket played between two individuals, who take turns to bat and bowl against each other. The one bowling is assisted by a team of fielders, who remain as fielders at the change of innings. The winner is the one who scores more runs...

    • Twenty20
      Twenty20 is a form of cricket, originally introduced in England for professional inter-county competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board , in 2003. A Twenty20 game involves two teams, each has a single innings, batting for a maximum of 20 overs. Twenty20 cricket is also known as T20 cricket...

  • Crocker (sport)
    Crocker (sport)
    Crocker is a team sport played between two large teams. Its origins are in cricket and baseball. It also makes the use of a soccer ball which may explain its name. It is a casual sport not played formally, but often found on British summer camps.-Teams:Crocker is played between two teams of...

  • Danish longball
    Danish longball
    Danish Longball is a bat-and-ball game founded in Denmark. It is popular in British secondary schools, and is played recreationally by scouts and by the British Navy and Australian Navy. It is also a popular sport at U.S...

  • Extreme Baseball
    Extreme Baseball
    Extreme Baseball, also known as Double Diamond Baseball, is a sport based on traditional baseball. The main difference is that both teams are on the field at the same time. Pitchers from each team take turns pitching to batters at two adjacent home plates...

     a.k.a. Double Diamond Baseball
  • Lapta
    Lapta (game)
    Lapta is a Russian bat and ball game first known to be played in the 14th century. Mentions of lapta have been found in medieval manuscripts, and balls and bats were found in the 14th-century layers during excavations in Novgorod...

     - two salos (bases)
  • The Massachusetts Game
    The Massachusetts Game
    The Massachusetts Game was a type of amateur club baseball popular in 19th century New England. It was an organized and codified version of local games called "base" or "round ball", and related to town ball and rounders. The Massachusetts Game is remembered as a rival of the New York Game of...

     - four bases
  • Oina
    Oină is a Romanian traditional sport, similar in many ways to baseball and lapta.-History:Oină was first mentioned during the rule of Vlaicu Vodă in 1364, when it spread all across Wallachia...

  • Old Cat
    Old Cat
    Old Cat games were 19th century bat-and-ball, safe haven games played in North America. The games were numbered according to the number of bases...

     (One old cat, Two old cat, etc.) - variable
  • Over-the-line
    Over-the-line is a bat-and-ball sport, a game related to baseball and softball. Like those games, you have the batter, pitcher, and fielders. Because a game requires only three people per team, it's considerably easier to get a good informal game going. Equipment consists of a rope , an...

     - qv
  • Pesäpallo
    Pesäpallo is a fast-moving ball sport that is quite often referred to as the national sport of Finland and has some presence in other countries, such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, and Northern Ontario in Canada...

     - four bases
  • Rounders
    Rounders is a game played between two teams of either gender. The game originated in England where it was played in Tudor times. Rounders is a striking and fielding team game that involves hitting a small, hard, leather-cased ball with a round wooden, plastic or metal bat. The players score by...

     - four bases or posts run anti clock wise
  • Scrub baseball
    Scrub baseball
    Scrub baseball is a way of playing baseball with no teams. The number of players is variable, and score is not kept, as the idea is "each against all"...

     - four bases (not a team game per se)
  • Softball
    Softball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of 10 to 14 players. It is a direct descendant of baseball although there are some key differences: softballs are larger than baseballs, and the pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand...

     - four bases
  • Stickball
    Stickball is a street game related to baseball, usually formed as a pick-up game, played in large cities in the Northeastern United States, especially New York City. The equipment consists of a broom handle and a rubber ball, typically a spaldeen, pensie pinkie, high bouncer or tennis ball. The...

     - variable
  • Stool ball - two stools
  • T-Ball
    Tee Ball
    Tee Ball or T-Ball is a sport based on baseball and is intended as an introduction for children to develop baseball skills and have fun. The name Tee Ball is a registered trademark while T-Ball is the generic name, although many sources use Tee Ball as a generic title.- Description :In T-Ball, the...

  • Town ball
    Town ball
    The term town ball, or townball, describes the bat-and-ball, safe haven games played in North America in the 18th and 19th centuries, which were similar to rounders and were precursors to modern baseball. In some areas - such as Philadelphia and along the Ohio River and Mississippi River - the...

     - variable
  • Vigoro
    Vigoro is a sport like both cricket and baseball and has been mainly played by women. It is most popular in Australia.-History:The game was invented by Englishman John George Grant...

     - two wickets
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Wireball
    Wireball is a street game related to baseball, usually formed as a pick-up game, in urban areas of the United States. The equipment consists of a pimple or, pensie pinkie ball and a convenient place in a street or driveway where an electric power line or group of power lines bisect horizontally. ...

Striking the ball with a "bat" or any type of stick is not crucial. These games use the foot or hand. Otherwise their rules may be similar or even identical to baseball. The first two use a large (35 cm) soft ball.
  • Kickball
    Kickball is a playground game and competitive league game, similar to baseball, invented in the United States in the first half of the 20th Century. Kickball may also be known as kick baseball, base soccer, soccer-base, or soccer-baseball...

     - four bases, sometimes called soccer baseball, or a different variation would be crazy kickball
  • Matball
    Matball, is an indoor sport played in schools around the United States. The main objective of the game is similar to kickball, but with a few differences. In some areas it is known as Big Base...

     - kickball with gym mats for bases
  • Punchball
    Punchball is a sport spawned by and similar to baseball, but without a pitcher, catcher, or bat.The "batter" essentially plays "fungo" without a bat, bouncing or tossing up the ball and then using a volleyball-type approach to put the ball in play, punching the ball with his closed fist...

    - four bases, sometimes called volleyball-style baseball or slug
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