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Ballad of the Irish Horse (album)

Ballad of the Irish Horse (album)

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Ballad of the Irish Horse is an album released by the Irish
Ireland is an island to the northwest of continental Europe. It is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island on Earth...

 musical group The Chieftains
The Chieftains
The Chieftains are a Grammy-winning Irish musical group founded in 1962, best known for being one of the first bands to make Irish traditional music popular around the world.-Name:...

 in 1986. The album serves as the soundtrack for a National Geographic
National Geographic Society
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Documentary film
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, The Ballad of the Irish Horse, which documented the history and tradition of horses in Ireland.

Track listing

  1. "Ballad of the Irish Horse Main Theme"
  2. "The Green Pastures"
  3. "The Birth of the Foals"
  4. "Lady Hemphill"
  5. "Horses of Ireland, pt.1"
  6. "Chasing the Fox"
  7. "Going to the Fair"
  8. "Galway Races"
  9. "Sceal an Chapaill" (The Story of the Horse)
  10. "The Boyne Hunt/Mullingar Races/ The Five Mile Chase"
  11. "Horses of Ireland, pt.2"