Historical persons

  • Archelaus (philosopher)
    Archelaus (philosopher)
    Archelaus was an Ancient Greek philosopher, a pupil of Anaxagoras, and said by some to have been a teacher of Socrates. He asserted that the principle of motion was the separation of hot from cold, from which he endeavoured to explain the formation of the Earth and the creation of animals and...

    , pupil of Anaxagoras, 5th century BC
  • Archelaus I of Macedon
    Archelaus I of Macedon
    Archelaus I was a king of Macedon from 413 to 399 BC. He was a capable and beneficent ruler, known for the sweeping changes he made in state administration, the military, and commerce. By the time that he died, Archelaus had succeeded in converting Macedon into a significantly stronger power...

    , reigned 413-399 BC
  • Archelaus (general)
    Archelaus (general)
    Archelaus was a leading military general of the King Mithridates VI of Pontus. Archelaus was the greatest general that had served under Mithridates VI and was also his favorite general....

    , fought in the First, Second and Third Mithridatic Wars (1st century BC)
  • Archelaus
    Archelaus (high priest of Comana Cappadocia)
    Archelaus was a high priest of the temple-state of Comana, Cappadocia.-Family background:Archelaus was a Cappadocian Greek nobleman, possibly of Macedonian descent...

     (died 55 BC), son of general Archelaus, the high priest of Comana Cappadocia in 1st century BC
  • Archelaus
    Archelaus (father of Archelaus of Cappadocia)
    Archelaus was a High priest of the temple-state of Comana, Cappadocia.Archelaus was a Cappadocian Greek nobleman, possibly of Macedonian descent. He was the son and namesake of the Roman Client Ruler and High Priest of Comana, Cappadocia, Archelaus by an unnamed Greek woman...

    , son to the above, another high priest of Comana Cappadocia in 1st century BC
  • Archelaus of Cappadocia
    Archelaus of Cappadocia
    -Family & Early Life:Archelaus was a Cappadocian Greek nobleman, possibly of Macedonian descent. His full name was Archelaus Sisines. He was the first born son, namesake of the Roman Client and High Priest Ruler Archelaus, of the temple state of Comana, Cappadocia and Glaphyra. Archelaus’ father...

    , son to the above and reigned as King 36 BC-AD 17
  • Archelaus of Cilicia
    Archelaus of Cilicia
    Archelaus was a Cappadocian Prince from Anatolia and was as a Roman Client King of Cilicia Trachea and Eastern Lycaonia. He is sometimes known as Archelaus Minor and Archelaus II to distinguished him from his father Archelaus of Cappadocia.Archelaus was a Monarch of Greek, Armenian and Persian...

     (died 38), son to the above and Client King under Roman Emperor Tiberius in the 1st century AD
  • Herod Archelaus
    Herod Archelaus
    Herod Archelaus was the ethnarch of Samaria, Judea, and Idumea from 4 BC to 6 AD. He was the son of Herod the Great and Malthace the Samaritan, the brother of Herod Antipas, and the half-brother of Herod Philip I....

     (born 23 BC), ethnarch of Samaria, Judea, and Idumea, 4 BC-6 AD
  • Archelaus of Sparta, son of Agesilaus I
    Agesilaus I
    Agesilaus I , son of Doryssus, was the sixth king of the Agiad line at Sparta, excluding Aristodemus. According to Apollodorus, reigned forty-four years, and died in 886 BC. Pausanias makes his reign a short one, but contemporary with the legislation of Lycurgus. He was succeeded by his son...

     (died 886 BC)
  • Archelaus of Priene
    Archelaus of Priene
    Archelaus of Priene was a Greek sculptor who lived close to 300 BC in Priene. He is remembered for his apotheosis of Homer, a marble relief aggrandising the poet that is now preserved in the British Museum....

    , an ancient Greek sculptor
  • Archelaus the deacon, a third century saint martyred with Quiriacus of Ostia
    Quiriacus of Ostia
    Quiriacus was Bishop of Ostia, and suffered martyrdom during the persecutions of Emperor Severus Alexander. Quiriacus was martyred along with Maximus, his priest, and Archelaus, a deacon.-References:...

     in 235
  • Archelaus, bishop of Caschar in Mesopotamia, third century bishop to whom is attributed a Disputation with Manes, see Mani (prophet)
    Mani (prophet)
    Mani , of Iranian origin was the prophet and the founder of Manichaeism, a gnostic religion of Late Antiquity which was once widespread but is now extinct...

Mythological Persons

  • Archelaus, son of Heracles
    Heracles ,born Alcaeus or Alcides , was a divine hero in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, foster son of Amphitryon and great-grandson of Perseus...

  • Archelaus, son Electryon
    In Greek mythology, Electryon was the son of Perseus and Andromeda, and king of Tiryns and Mycenae or Medea in Argolis. He married either Anaxo, daughter of his brother Alcaeus and sister of Amphitryon, or Eurydice daughter of Pelops...

     and Anaxo, killed by the sons of Pterelaus
  • Archelaus, son of Aegyptus
    - Aegyptus, King of Egypt and Arabia :In Greek mythology, Aegyptus is a descendant of the heifer maiden, Io, and the river-god Nilus, and was a king in Egypt. Aegyptos was the son of Belus and Achiroe, a naiad daughter of Nile. Aegyptus fathered fifty sons, who were all but one murdered by the...

    . He was killed by his wife, Anaxibia, daughter of Danaus.
  • Archelaus, son of Temenus
    In Greek mythology, Temenus was a son of Aristomachus and brother of Cresphontes and Aristodemus. He was a great-great-grandson of Heracles and helped lead the fifth and final attack on Mycenae in the Peloponnese. He became King of Argos. He was the father of Ceisus, Káranos, Phalces, Agraeus,...

     (son of Heracles). Driven into exile by his brothers, he was promised the kingdom of king Cisseus of Macedonia, and the hand of his daughter in marriage. He was, however, betrayed and murdered by the king.


  • Archelaus (play)
    Archelaus (play)
    Archelaus is a drama written and performed in Macedonia by Euripides honouring Archelaus I of Macedon on a par with king Karanus. Felix Jacoby thinks it possible that Euripides called Karanus Archelaus which actually means leader of people, in order to please Archelaus...

     by Euripides
  • Pierikos Archelaos B.C, a basketball club in Katerini, Greece
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