Moon rotation
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Moon The Twin

Twin to our planet Earth, it cannot be separated, similar in Age, hence the word TWIN!
Revolves around the Earth and around the Sun with the Earth, and the whole lot around the center of milky way etc. etc...
Whilst revolving around the planet Earth once every month, it does an exact one apparent rotation on its axis.
An apparent rotation not a real one, to keep the same face pointing towards the Earth it has to rotate on its axis.
So how is this possible?

My first theory explains that the Moon is locked with the Earth due to the strong gravitational force between the two bodies. This gravity bond acts almost like a string attached to a end of a stone, where the true axial rotation is translated to the other end of the string. This means that the moon's axial rotation is translated in the Earths center. This explains why the Moon always has one exact apparent rotation on it's axis for every orbit around earth.

My second theory is that the Earths dense central solid nickel-iron core has to be the true rotational pivot for the Moon. The Earths solid core is surrounded by semi-molten region enabling the core to rotate in slip sync with the Moon. This means that the Earths central solid core is rotating as different speed than the rest of the shell, this causes lots of friction between the two layers generating large amounts of thermal energy, which helps to keep our Earth warm without any nuclear fusion like in the Sun.

My final theory explains how the Earths magnetic field is derived. Electrons flowing in a conductor creates magnetic field around it. From the above explanation the thermal energy generated from the friction is conducted away from the Earths center towards the cold pole regions by the convection currents, this heat flow in a electrically conductive material would generate large electrical currents which would cause magnetic fields. This magnetic fields would pass through the central nickel-iron core making it to be magnetized, which would also enhance the overall magnetic effect. This enhanced magnetic field provides the Earth with its magnetic poles. Any vertical disturbance to the Earths center core due the Moons rotation would make the Earths magnetic poles drift a little occasional. In fact a large disturbance to the Earth's core due to various combined effects would cause the core to flip suddenly, thus reversing the Earths magnetic poles, this pole reversing proof is there in the Ocean.

This theory is perfect and I am glad someone now agrees with me, see this link..