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I am trying to research my family tree and have hit a brick wall. I'm struggling to find my Mothers family who are from LEEDS.Her fathers name is WEBB and her mothers name is BEAUMONT. The story we were told was that my father who had a reputation in the London Underworld went north and wanted to take my mother away from her family to live with him in the south. Her family objected strongly and didn't want her to go with the southerner and would have been happier if she had stayed with them and married a Yorkshire lad. Needless to say she didn't and her heart ruled her head and she ran away with my father. Over the years it's been hard for us knowing that there's a whole half of our relations missing because of this bad feeling that existed between my mothers family and my father.
Please if there's anyone that can maybe point me in the right direction, someone that may know of the Webb family in Leeds that are my relatives,or someone who is a relation. I long to hear from you.