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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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  Subject Replies Date
Obtain IELTS ,TOEFL, GRE ,Driver’s license ,second passport and Visas (+905428828329) ?,Driver’s l 0 11/02/16
How many words of English/French/Latin languages did William Shakespeare know? 0 05/03/15
2016, four hundred years of Shakespeare's, and year that shall hearld advent of his successor? 0 04/18/14
"This above all; to thine own self be true." -William Shakespeare 0 04/13/14
How was he died ? 0 12/08/13
What was william shakespiers first house? i need it for research pupose. 0 01/18/12
When did he die 1 04/15/11
Who inspired shakespeare? who was his first true love? 2 02/06/11
Graphic Novel Shakespeare 1 10/11/10
What? 6 09/17/10
In pygmalion, what ie the conflict about higgins treatment of liza is not how he would treat a women of his social class. how should we convince higgi... 1 03/31/10
Twelfth Night 3 03/26/10
When the ghost appears for the first time in act 1 scene 1, notice that Horatio addresses it as ' thou '. This was the form of address used with frien... 3 03/25/10
"People may come go but the trace remains"-By Joe Wasia 0 02/17/10
What's your favourite Shakespeare play and why? Personally, I love Hamlet. I think the characterisation in it is brilliant and that the characters ... 4 01/02/10
Shakespeare's sexuality 6 08/25/09
Critical reputation 2 08/25/09
Sonnets 2 08/25/09
Style 1 08/25/09
Career in London 1 08/25/09
Early life 2 08/25/09
How did Shakespeare's work contribute to the development of the English language itself? 4 03/23/09
How did Shakespeare's work influence that of the English-language authors who followed him? 3 03/23/09
Shakespeare authorship question 3 03/23/09