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I want to make biodegradable vessels and pots from bamboo powder. Can some tell me what all materials or resins are required to make biodegradable bam... 0 11/4/2015
Can Bamboo be trimed from the top? 0 9/23/2015
The name please of the very slow growing bamboo. Grows only a few centimetres in the first five years and then grows to 9 metres in a very sdshort tim... 0 9/8/2015
I would like to build a birdbath using a bamboo turn table as a base to sit it on. Will this hold up to the weather? 0 8/13/2014
Where dose the plant live 0 3/11/2014
What are the microbes acting on fermented bamboo shoot? What are the causes for the smell that is produced from fermented bamboo shoots? Why is bamb... 0 9/27/2013