Tubularia is a genus of hydroid
-Marine biology:Hydroids are a life stage for most animals of class Hydrozoa, small predators related to jellyfish.-Botany:In mosses, hydroids form the innermost layer of the stem of long, colourless, thin walled cells of small diameter.The cells are dead and lack protoplasm.They function as water...

s that appear to be furry pink tufts or balls at the end of long strings, thus causing them to be sometimes be called "pink-mouthed" or "pink-hearted" hydroids. T. larynx is described as:
The stems are tubular, with a yellowish coloured tegument
Tegument may refer to:* Integumentary system* Tegument * Viral tegument...

and are branched at the base. The polyp colour is pale pink through to red, and consists of a central circlet of oral tentacles surrounded by paler but larger aboral tentacles.

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