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Rutgers Scarlet Knights football

Rutgers Scarlet Knights football

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The Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Rutgers Scarlet Knights
The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are the athletic teams that represent Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey...

team represents Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Rutgers University
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey , is the largest institution for higher education in New Jersey, United States. It was originally chartered as Queen's College in 1766. It is the eighth-oldest college in the United States and one of the nine Colonial colleges founded before the American...

 in National Collegiate Athletic Association
National Collegiate Athletic Association
The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a semi-voluntary association of 1,281 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals that organizes the athletic programs of many colleges and universities in the United States...

 (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) play. Since the 1991 season, Rutgers has competed within the Big East Conference
Big East Conference
The Big East Conference is a collegiate athletics conference consisting of sixteen universities in the eastern half of the United States. The conference's 17 members participate in 24 NCAA sports...

, having finally abandoned the status of an Independent team.

The Rutgers football program is one of the most historic in the nation. In 1869, the original Rutgers football team defeated Princeton University
Princeton University
Princeton University is a private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. The school is one of the eight universities of the Ivy League, and is one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution....

 in the first intercollegiate game ever played. Rutgers won the game by a score of 6 to 4.

Today, Rutgers is coached by Greg Schiano
Greg Schiano
Gregory Edward Schiano is the head coach for the Rutgers University football team. He has held that position since 2001.-Early life and education:...

 who has overseen a revival of the program. Schiano's teams struggled for the first four years of his tenure, until 2005, when Rutgers achieved its first winning record in more than a decade. Since 2001, the Scarlet Knights have compiled a 59–56 record.


Throughout its history, Rutgers has been known for putting dominating football teams on the field. It has fielded 52 ranked teams throughout its school history. In 1869, when Rutgers and Princeton met for the inaugural intercollegiate football game, they were the only two teams playing. Rutgers won the first game with a score of six "runs" to Princeton's four, on November 6, 1869. However, Princeton was victorious in the next game, played the following week, with a score of eight to zero. A planned third game, scheduled November 29, 1869, did not occur as the faculties of both schools presumably thought that the game would interfere with the studies of the respective school's student bodies. Other sources claim that it may have been cancelled due to disagreement over what set of rules to play under. In spite of the fact that there were only two teams playing "football" at the time, both showing 1–1 records, Princeton and Rutgers have been regarded as having shared the 1869 national championship
NCAA Division I FBS National Football Championship
A college football national championship in the highest level of collegiate play in the United States, currently the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision , is a designation awarded annually by various third-party organizations to their selection of the best...


From 1929 to 1975, Rutgers was a member of the Middle Three Conference, which consisted of a round-robin against Lafayette College
Lafayette Leopards football
The Lafayette Leopards football program represents Lafayette College in college football. One of the oldest college football programs in the United States, Lafayette currently plays in the Patriot League at the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision level...

 and Lehigh University
Lehigh University
Lehigh University is a private, co-educational university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region of the United States. It was established in 1865 by Asa Packer as a four-year technical school, but has grown to include studies in a wide variety of disciplines...

. Starting in 1940, the 'conference champion' received the Little Brass Cannon. Following Lehigh's capture of the Little Brass Cannon in 1951, Rutgers became an independent team in 1952, though it still played Lafayette and continued the Middle Three round-robin in 1953. Although Rutgers continued to be a part of the Middle Three until 1975, the Scarlet Knights became a member of the Middle Atlantic Conference
Middle Atlantic Corporation
Founded in 1912, the Middle Atlantic Conferences is an umbrella organization of three athletic conferences which competes in the NCAA's Division III. The 16-member teams are located in the Mid-Atlantic United States....

 from 1958 to 1961. The college won the conference championship in three of those four years (1958, 1960, and 1961) and was awarded the Wilmington Touchdown Club Trophy. The 1961 season was particularly remarkable as it was the Scarlet Knights' first undefeated season (9–0)—with Alabama, one of only two undefeated teams in the nation—and the team was captained by future college football hall-of-famer Alex Kroll
Alex Kroll
Alexander Stanley Kroll was an American collegiate and Professional Football player and a now-retired major advertising agency executive.-Early life:...

. In 1961, Rutgers was considered a contender for the Rose Bowl
1962 Rose Bowl
The 1962 Rose Bowl, played on January 1, 1962, was the 48th Rose Bowl Game. The Minnesota Golden Gophers defeated the UCLA Bruins, 21–3.Big Ten Conference champion Ohio State declined the invitation to play in the Rose Bowl...

, but was not selected because university president Mason Welch Gross did not express interest with the Rose Bowl's organizers. The following year, Rutgers once again went independent, and remained so until it joined the Big East Conference
Big East Conference
The Big East Conference is a collegiate athletics conference consisting of sixteen universities in the eastern half of the United States. The conference's 17 members participate in 24 NCAA sports...

 in 1991
1991 NCAA Division I-A football season
The 1991 NCAA Division I-A football season ended with a split champion for the second consecutive season. Both the Miami Hurricanes and the Washington Huskies finished the season undefeated and with the top ranking in a nationally recognized poll...

. In 1976, Rutgers declined an invitation to play an unranked McNeese State University
McNeese State University
McNeese State University is a public university located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in the United States. Founded in 1939 as a junior college, McNeese experienced growth due to economic activity in the region. It adopted its present name in 1970....

 at the Independence Bowl
Independence Bowl
The Independence Bowl is a post-season NCAA-sanctioned Division I college football bowl game that is played annually at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana, so named because it was inaugurated in the United States bicentennial year, 1976....

, feeling snubbed by more prestigious bowls despite its undefeated 11–0 season.

Greg Schiano
Greg Schiano
Gregory Edward Schiano is the head coach for the Rutgers University football team. He has held that position since 2001.-Early life and education:...

 took over as head coach for the 2001 season. His first four years resulted in losing seasons, however, in 2005, the team achieved its first winning season since 1992. In 2006, the Scarlet Knights achieved a record of 11–2, including a first-ever postseason victory. In the following year, Rutgers received its first ever preseason rank. Since that break-out year in 2005, Rutgers under Schiano achieved a winning season in five consecutive years. The streak ended in 2010, a year marred by a spinal cord injury suffered by defensive lineman Eric LeGrand
Eric LeGrand
Eric LeGrand is an American football player. He played for the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights.-High school:From Avenel, New Jersey, he attended high school at Colonia High School. LeGrand was a four-year starter for coach Ben LaSala...

 in the sixth game of the season. Rutgers lost its final six games to finish with a record of 4-8.

The Scarlet Knights have had three players drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. In 2010, Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis (offensive tackle b. 1989)
Anthony Davis is an American football offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Davis was drafted in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the 49ers. He played college football at Rutgers University...

 was chosen No. 11 overall by the San Francisco 49ers, and Devin McCourty
Devin McCourty
-2010 season:McCourty was drafted by the New England Patriots in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He signed a five-year contract on July 28, 2010. Following a preseason injury to veteran Leigh Bodden, McCourty began his rookie season as a starter at cornerback...

 was chosen No. 27 overall by the New England Patriots. In 2009, Kenny Britt was chosen No. 30 overall by the Tennessee Titans. Britt, an Associated Press All-America selection, is the first player in Rutgers history to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. Ten Scarlet Knights have been drafted in the last three years. 2010 also marked the fourth consecutive year that a Scarlet Knight has been taken on the draft’s first day after Brian Leonard (2007) and Ray Rice (2008) were both second round draft selections.

Logos and uniforms

Black jerseys and pants have been rarely used by the team. Although black pants were worn on a couple of occasions with white jerseys on the road, the black jerseys (with black pants) have only been used twice, in 2007 and 2011. They were worn on October 27, 2007 at Rutgers Stadium versus West Virginia in a torrential rain storm during a 31-3 loss, and with black helmets against Pittsburgh on October 8, 2011 in a 34-10 victory.

Recognized Players

Rutgers has had many key contributing players in it's 142 year history of college football. Dating back to the 1950s, the University has had several All-American candidates as well as a couple of once potential Heisman Trophy candidates in it's storied history.

Bill Austin, a native of Fanwood, NJ was one of the first recognized players from Rutgers. Gifted with a twisting and elusive running style, Austin lead the Scarlet Knights in rushing three straight seasons. Despite being undersized at 5'11 and 170 lbs, Austin rushed for 2,073 yards will ranking up 204 points in his career with Rutgers. His 32-touchdown career ranks second in the Rutgers annals among all-time scorers and he had 13 interceptions from his defensive back position, which is one short of the all-time mark.

BIll was inducted into the Rutgers Football Hall of Fame in 1988 and was recognized as an AP All-American in 1958. That year, Austin lead the team to an 8-1 record , though the team could've gone 9-0 if Austin did not sit out the Quantico Marines game with an apparent hand injury. Austin was also considered a potential Heisman Trophy candidate, though the award was won by Pete Dawkins of Army that year. Austin went on to play for the Washington Redskins after being drafted in 1959.

By the 1960s, Alex Kroll came onto the scene as a formidable opponent. At 6'2 228 lbs playing center, Kroll played was enrolled at Yale for two seasons before serving in the Army. He later formed a bond with the football captains at Rutgers before deciding to transfer there. Kroll was extremely physical in the trenches, giving way to his spot as the captain of the team in 1961. In his senior year biography,“his performance and leadership in 1960 helped Rutgers to a season which surpassed even the most optimistic of the previews. He has size, speed, hustle, and an uncanny ability to call defenses best equipped to stop the enemy.” Kroll was an excellent student in the classroom, played linebacker at times, and helped lead Rutgers to a 17-1 record in his time at Rutgers, earning him AP All-American center award in the undefeated season of 1961.

The 1970s featured several great players for the Scarlet Knights. From 1971-1973, running back JJ Jennings tore up the record books, ranking him 3rd all time at Rutgers with 2,935 yards rushing. He also lead the nation in scoring during the 1973 season, with Honorable Mention of the AP All-American team.

In the late 1970s, Rutgers football, lead by legendary coach Frank Burns, showed the nation it's capabilities with an undefeated record in 1976 (11-0). That year, key contributors Nate Toran, who finished his career with 52 sacks including 17 in 1976. Toran earned 2nd team AP All-American that year and was joined by honorable mentions John Alexander, Jim Hughes, Henry Jenkins, and Mark Twitty.

An array of different players from the 1980s lead Rutgers to match ups against teams such as Penn State, Michigan State, Alabama, and more. During the time, Deron Cherry, a standout safety for Rutgers, was an honorable AP All-American in 1980, followed by his teammate quarterback Ed McMichael.

Other standouts included Jim Dumont Sr., Tyronne Stowe, who holds the all time record of 533 tackles. In the late 1980s, Scott Erney was an Honorable AP All-American mention leading the team to key victories in 1988 over Michigan State and Penn State. Wide Receiver Eric Young, who later went on to play baseball in the MLB, was another Honorable AP All-American mention.

The early 1990s brought in a great recruiting class for Rutgers Football, featuring running backs Bruce Presley and Terrell Willis. Together they were known as "Thunder and Lightning," they racked up 5,889 yards combined earning Presley 2nd team Freshman All-American honors in 1992, and Willis 1st team Freshman All-American honors in 1993.

In 1994, tight end Marco Battaglia came onto the scene as a force. In his career "On the Banks," Marco went from 27 catches, to 58, to 69 catches in 1995. With great size at 6'3 245 lbs, he was a determined and hard working player drafted in the 2nd round of the 1996 NFL draft.

The one player that has stood out as an icon in Rutgers Football is running back Ray Rice. Recruited out of New Rochelle HS in New York, Rice beat out 4 other running backs his freshman year to earn a starting spot in 2005. He racked up 1,120 yards that season. In 2006 Rice finished second in the nation in rushing and was a finalist for the Maxwell Award, given to the best player in the country. By 2007, Rutgers University had set up a Heisman campaign for Rice. By the end of his career, Ray had amassed 4,926 yards on the ground and leads the Rutgers record book in almost every rushing category. He was 2nd team AP All-American two years in a row ('06-'07).

Defensive Tackle Eric Foster was also a force earning 1st team AP All-American in 2006 and 2nd team in 2007. Wide Receiver Kenny Britt, Tackle Anthony Davis, and Defensive Back Devin McCourty were also Honorable Mentions on the AP All-American team during their careers.

Bowl game results

Rutgers has gone to six bowl games in its 140-year history in college football of which it has won four. This includes consecutive bowls for the last five years, and consecutive wins for the last four.
Date Bowl Opponent Result Score
December 16, 1978 Garden State Bowl
1978 Garden State Bowl
The 1978 Garden State Bowl, part of the 1978 bowl game season, took place on December 16, 1978, at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The competing teams were the , which competed as a football independent, and the , representing the Pacific-10 Conference...

Arizona State
Arizona State Sun Devils football
The Arizona State Sun Devils' football program represents Arizona State University in college football, and competes in NCAA Division I FBS as a member of the Pacific-12 Conference....

Loss 34 – 18
December 27, 2005 Insight Bowl
2005 Insight Bowl
The 2005 edition of the Insight Bowl was the 17th edition to the bowl game. It featured the Arizona State Sun Devils and the . Arizona State exploded offensively in the game scoring 45 points, and an Insight Bowl record 679 yards of total offense....

Arizona State
Arizona State Sun Devils football
The Arizona State Sun Devils' football program represents Arizona State University in college football, and competes in NCAA Division I FBS as a member of the Pacific-12 Conference....

Loss 45 – 40
December 28, 2006 Texas Bowl
2006 Texas Bowl
The 2006 Texas Bowl, part of the 2006 college football season, was played on December 26, 2006 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The game featured the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Kansas State Wildcats....

Kansas State
2006 Kansas State Wildcats football team
The 2006 Kansas State Wildcats football team represented Kansas State University in the college football season of 2006. The team's head football coach was Ron Prince. 2006 was the first year for Prince who came to K-State from Virginia as their offensive coordinator...

Win 37 – 10
January 5, 2008 International Bowl
2008 International Bowl
The 2008 International Bowl was played on January 5, 2008 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The game featured the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University—who finished 5th in the Big East Conference—and the Cardinals of Ball State University—who finished co-champions...

Ball State
2007 Ball State Cardinals football team
The 2007 Ball State Cardinals football team competed in football on behalf of the Ball State University during the 2007 NCAA Division I FBS football season...

Win 52 – 30
December 29, 2008 PapaJohns.com Bowl
2008 PapaJohns.com Bowl
The 2008 PapaJohns.com Bowl was the third edition of the college football bowl game, and was played at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The game was played starting at 2 PM US CST on Monday, December 29, 2008...

North Carolina State  Win 29 – 23
December 19, 2009 St. Petersburg Bowl
2009 St. Petersburg Bowl
The 2009 St. Petersburg Bowl presented by Beef 'O' Brady's, formerly known as the St. Petersburg Bowl, was the second edition of the college football bowl game and was played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. The game began at 8:00 PM US EST on Saturday, December 19, 2009, was...

University of Central Florida  Win 45 – 24

Recent seasons

Head coaches

Twenty-five men have served as head coach of the Rutgers football team since 1891, when the first coach was hired. From 1869 to 1890, and 1892 to 1894, there was no coach.
Coach Tenure Record (%)
No Coach 1869–1890 34–59–8 (.376)
William A. Reynolds
William A. Reynolds
-External links:...

1891 8–6 (.571)
No Coach 1892–1894 7–15–1 (.326)
H. W. Ambruster 1895 3–4 (.429)
John C. B. Pendleton 1896–1897 8–12 (.400)
William V. B. Van Dyke, Jr. 1898–1899 3–15–1 (.184)
Michael F. Daly 1900 4–4 (.500)
Arthur P. Robinson 1901 0–7 (.000)
Harry W. Van Hovenberg 1902 3–7 (.300)
Oliver D. Mann 1903, 1905 7–10–1 (.417)
A. Ellet Hitchner 1904 1–6–2 (.222)
Frank H. Gorton
Frank Gorton
Frank H. Gorton was the 12th head football coach for the Virginia Military Institute Keydets located in Lexington, Virginia and he held that position for three seasons, from 1914 until 1916. His career coaching record at VMI was 14 wins, 11 losses, and 1 ties. This ranks him eighth at VMI in...

1906–1907 8–7–3 (.528)
Joseph Smith 1908 3–5–1 (.389)
Herman Pritchard 1909 3–5–1 (.389)
Howard Gargan
Howard Gargan

1910–1912 12–10–4 (.538)
George Foster Sanford
George Sanford (coach)
-External links:...

1913–1923 56–32–5 (.629)
John H. Wallace 1924–1926 12–14–1 (.463)
Harry J. Rockafeller 1927–1930, 1942–1945 33–26–1 (.560)
J. Wilder Tasker
J. Wilder Tasker
-External links:...

1931–1937 31–27–5 (.532)
Harvey Harman
Harvey Harman
Harvey J. Harman was an American football player and coach. He served as the head coach at Haverford College , Sewanee: The University of the South , the University of Pennsylvania , and Rutgers University , compiling a career college football record of...

1938–1941, 1946–1955 74–44–2 (.625)
John Stiegman
John Stiegman
John R. Stiegman was an American football coach. He served as the head football coach at Rutgers , Penn and Iowa Wesleyan ....

1956–1959 22–15 (.595)
John F. Bateman 1960–1972 73–51 (.589)
Frank R. Burns
Frank R. Burns
-External links:...

1973–1983 78–43–1 (.643)
Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson (American football coach)
Dick Anderson is an assistant football coach at Penn State and former head coach at Rutgers University. While at Rutgers, Anderson compiled a record of 27 wins, 34 losses and 4 ties, with his highlight victory being a 21-16 win over Penn State in 1988—Rutgers' first win over the Nittany Lions in 70...

1984–1989 27–34–4 (.446)
Doug Graber
Doug Graber
-Professional:-External links:*...

1990–1995 29–36–1 (.447)
Terry Shea
Terry Shea
Terry Shea is a former college and NFL football coach. Currently, Shea does quarterback consulting work for future NFL draft prospects. Most recently he worked with Sam Bradford , Matthew Stafford and Josh Freeman . From 1964 to 1967, he was one of the quarterbacks on the University of Oregon's...

1996–2000 11–44 (.200)
Greg Schiano
Greg Schiano
Gregory Edward Schiano is the head coach for the Rutgers University football team. He has held that position since 2001.-Early life and education:...

2001–present 67–66 (.504)
TOTAL 617–604–42 (.505)

Local media coverage

Rutgers has a contract with SportsNet New York
SportsNet New York
SportsNet New York is a New York City-based regional sports cable network which airs in the New York metro area and all of New York state, and nationwide via satellite. It is owned jointly by the New York Mets, Time Warner Cable, and NBCUniversal...

 to air various football-related programming during the season. This includes games broadcast by the Big East Network
ESPN Plus, the popular name of ESPN Regional Television, is an American television program syndicator. ERT is based along with sister network ESPNU in Charlotte, North Carolina...

, which formerly aired over local television.

Football games air on the Rutgers Football Radio Network, which consists of three stations. The flagship is WOR
WOR is a class A , AM radio station located in New York, New York, U.S., operating on 710 kHz. The station has a talk format and has been owned by Buckley Broadcasting since 1987, after the station was sold by RKO. The station has conservative, or right-of-center hosts.Its call letters have no...

 in New York, a 50,000 watt clear channel station that is also the flagship for the university's men's basketball team. The other two stations in the network are WCTC
WCTC is an American radio station broadcasting a syndicated and live talk radio format. Licensed to New Brunswick, New Jersey, the station serves the Middlesex area. The station is currently owned by Greater Media .The station broadcasts in C-QUAM AM stereo...

, a low-power AM station that also carries Rutgers sports, and WPEN-FM, a Philadelphia area sports talk station. These games are produced by Nelligan Sports Marketing, a firm that finances college sports broadcasts throughout the nation.

Chris Carlin
Chris Carlin
Chris Carlin is an American television and radio personality. Along with on-air partner Bob Ojeda, co-hosts pre- and post-game telecasts for New York Mets games on local New York television station SNY...

 is the voice of Rutgers football, with Ray Lucas
Ray Lucas
For the baseball player of the same name, see Ray Lucas Ray Lucas is a studio analyst for the show Jets Nation on New York City-based sports network SportsNet New York...

 serving as his color analyst. Bruce Beck
Bruce Beck
Bruce Beck is the weekday Sports anchor at WNBC-TV. He is currently in his twelfth year with News 4 New York. He also files numerous sports reports for the station's various newscasts....

 subs for Lucas when he isn't available. MSG Network
MSG Network
The MSG Network, now shortened to simply MSG, is a regional cable television and radio network serving the Mid-Atlantic United States. It is focused on New York City sports teams...

reporter Anthony Fucilli works as the sideline reporter while WFAN radio host Marc Malusis is the studio host.

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