Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Rosabeth Moss Kanter is a tenured professor
A professor is a scholarly teacher; the precise meaning of the term varies by country. Literally, professor derives from Latin as a "person who professes" being usually an expert in arts or sciences; a teacher of high rank...

 in business at Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School is the graduate business school of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, United States and is widely recognized as one of the top business schools in the world. The school offers the world's largest full-time MBA program, doctoral programs, and many executive...

, where she holds the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship. In the 2007-2008 Academic school year, she taught a course to MBA students entitled Managing Change.

A 1967 Ph.D graduate of the University of Michigan
University of Michigan
The University of Michigan is a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States. It is the state's oldest university and the flagship campus of the University of Michigan...

, she has written numerous books on business management techniques, particularly change management
Change management
Change management is a structured approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment....

. She also has a regular column in the Miami Herald. She is known for her classic 1977 study of tokenism
In the arts, employment, and politics, tokenism is a policy or practice of limited inclusion or artistic and/or political representation of members of a traditionally marginalized group, usually creating a false appearance of inclusive practices rather than discrimination, intentional or not...

 - how being a minority in a group can affect one's performance due to enhanced visibility and performance pressure.

Powerlessness corrupts: absolute powerlessness corrupts absolutely.

Slightly edited version of text in Men and Women of the Corporation, Basic Books, 1977