Rock català
The term Rock català (ˈrɔk kətəˈɫa, "Catalan Rock") is used to describe those bands singing in Catalan of any music style, especially in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The last years of Spain under Franco were shattered by a generation of singers that claimed and called for democracy. In this context, La Nova Cançó
Nova Cançó
The Nova Cançó was an artistic movement that promoted Catalan music in Francoist Spain. The movement sought to normalize use of the Catalan language in popular music and denounced the injustices of the Franco regime. Musically, it created a new genre, with roots in the French Nouvelle Chanson...

is the protest song
Protest song
A protest song is a song which is associated with a movement for social change and hence part of the broader category of topical songs . It may be folk, classical, or commercial in genre...

 musical and political movement of artists singing in Catalan, like Lluís Llach
Lluís Llach
Lluís Llach i Grande is a Catalan composer and songwriter.Though partially dependent on arrangers, like Manel Camp or Carles Cases in his early works, Llach's songwriting has largely evolved from the more basic early compositions to a vastly more complex harmonic and melodic writing...

, Raimon
Ramon Pelegero Sanchis, who takes the stage name of Raimon , is a Valencian Spanish singer, one of the most important exponents of the musical style of Nova Cançó and one of the most well-known veteran artists in the Catalan language.-Youth:...

 or Ovidi Montllor
Ovidi Montllor
-Career:At the age of 24, Montllor moved to Barcelona, where he was a member of various independent theater groups, including the CICF, and later with Núria Espert and Adrià Gual...

. In the late 1960s and during the 1970s, the Nova Cançó movement introduced lyrics in Catalan in contemporary music in order to reach wider audiences (until then, this language was only used in folk
Folk music
Folk music is an English term encompassing both traditional folk music and contemporary folk music. The term originated in the 19th century. Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted by mouth, as music of the lower classes, and as music with unknown composers....

 songs); then, by the 1980s and the return to democracy in Spain
Spanish transition to democracy
The Spanish transition to democracy was the era when Spain moved from the dictatorship of Francisco Franco to a liberal democratic state. The transition is usually said to have begun with Franco’s death on 20 November 1975, while its completion has been variously said to be marked by the Spanish...

 their popularity was waning.

Then, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Generalitat de Catalunya
Generalitat de Catalunya
The Generalitat of Catalonia is the institution under which the autonomous community of Catalonia is politically organised. It consists of the Parliament, the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Government of Catalonia....

, in the absence of a wide enough demand, offered grants
Grant (money)
Grants are funds disbursed by one party , often a Government Department, Corporation, Foundation or Trust, to a recipient, often a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual. In order to receive a grant, some form of "Grant Writing" often referred to as either a proposal...

 for rock bands singing in Catalan. This made possible the formation of several bands singing in Catalan and, with them, the introduction of the then innovative concept of a rock music scene in Catalan.

The musical styles are diverse within the movement, being sole relation between these bands the use of the Catalan language
Catalan language
Catalan is a Romance language, the national and only official language of Andorra and a co-official language in the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencian Community, where it is known as Valencian , as well as in the city of Alghero, on the Italian island...

 in their lyrics.

Some representative bands of this movement include:
  • Els Pets
    Els Pets
    Els Pets is a Catalan pop rock band with lead singer, composer and guitarist Lluís Gavaldà from the village of Constantí . Joan Reig plays drums and Falin Cáceres bass. At present, the band has the collaboration of the musicians Joan-Pau Chaves , David Muñoz and Brad Jones...

  • Sau
    Sau (band)
    Sau was a music group from Catalonia, which rose to fame in this area in the 1990s, being among the first groups to write pop music with Catalan lyrics, known as rock català. The band's two main members were Carles Sabater, singer, and Pep Sala, who played guitar and sometimes keyboard. Carles...

  • Obrint Pas
    Obrint Pas
    Obrint Pas is a musical group from Valencia, Spain. Their music is a mixture of rock, ska and reggae with dolçaina rhythms, a traditional Valencian instrument.-History:...

  • Sopa de Cabra
    Sopa de Cabra
    Sopa de Cabra was a musical group from Girona, Catalonia, Spain, active from 1986 to 2002. They are considered to be one of the leading representatives of the rock català movement, though the band preferred not to be placed in the same category as other Catalan-language groups, some of whom had...

  • Lax'n'Busto
    Lax'n'Busto are a pop-rock group formed in 1986 in El Vendrell, Catalonia.-Discography:* 1989: "Vas de punt ...o què!!!"* 1991: "Lax´N´Busto"* 1992: "Vas de punt ...o què!!!" without banned song "Carme Flavià".* 1993: "Qui ets tu?"...

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