Position may refer to:
  • Position (team sports)
    Position (team sports)
    Position in team sports refers to the joint arrangement of a team on its field of play during a game and to the standardized place of any individual player in that arrangement. Much instruction, strategy, and reporting is organized by a set of individual player positions that is standard for the...

    , a player role within a team
  • Position (obstetrics)
    Position (Obstetrics)
    In obstetrics, position is the orientation of the fetus in the womb, identified by the location of the presenting part of the fetus relative to the pelvis of the mother...

    , the orientation of a baby prior to birth
  • Position (vector), a mathematical identification of relative location
  • Position (poker)
    Position (poker)
    Position in poker refers to the order in which players are seated around the table and the related poker strategy implications. Players who act first are in "early position"; players who act later are in "late position". A player "has position" on opponents acting before him and is "out of...

    , location relative to the dealer
  • Position (finance)
    Position (finance)
    In financial trading, a position is a binding commitment to buy or sell a given amount of financial instruments, such as securities, currencies or commodities, for a given price....

    , commitments in a financial marketplace
  • Position (string technique)
    Position (string technique)
    On a string instrument, position is the relative location of the hand on the instrument's neck, indicated by ordinal numbers . Fingering, independent of position, is indicated by numbers, 1-4, and string is indicated by roman numerals, I-IV...

    , the location of the hand on a stringed instrument
  • Positional notation
    Positional notation
    Positional notation or place-value notation is a method of representing or encoding numbers. Positional notation is distinguished from other notations for its use of the same symbol for the different orders of magnitude...

    , in numerical operations
  • The Position
    The Position
    The Position: A Novel is a 2005 novel by Meg Wolitzer. It tells the story of a book titled Pleasuring: One Couple's Journey to Fulfillment and the effects it has on a family....

    , a novel by Meg Wolitzer
  • Sex position, the arrangement of bodies during sexual intercourse
  • Human position
    Human position
    Human positions refers to the different positions that the human body can take.There are several synonyms that refer to the human position, often used interchangeably, but having specific flavors....

    , the spacial relation of the human body to itself and the environment
  • Asana (yoga), the location and posture of the body while practicing yoga
  • A traditional placement of the feet in ballet
    Positions of the feet in ballet
    The positions of the feet in ballet is a fundamental part of classical ballet technique that defines proper placement of feet on the floor. There are five basic positions of the feet in modern-day classical ballet, known as the first through fifth positions...

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