Panjshir Province

Panjshir Province

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Panjshir is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan
Provinces of Afghanistan
The provinces of Afghanistan are the primary administrative divisions of Afghanistan. As of 2004, there are thirty-four provinces in the country. Each province is further divided into smaller districts....

. Containing the Panjshir Valley
Panjshir Valley
The Panjshir Province is a valley in north-central Afghanistan, 150 km north of Kabul, near the Hindu Kush mountain range. Located in the Panjshir Province it is divided by the Panjshir River...

, in April 2004 it was created from parts of Parwan Province, which now lies along its southwestern border. Panjshir's population is about 139,000 and covers an area of 3,610 square kilometers. Its capital is the town of Bazarak
Bazarak, Panjshir
Bazarak is a town in the Panjshir Valley, in northern Afghanistan. It is also the provincial capital of Panjshir Province. It has six villages: Khanez, Jangalak, Malaspa, Parandeh, Rahmankhil...


Panjshir province is renowned for having never been captured by the Soviets during their occupation in the 1980s, due to its difficult terrain and the actions of mujahideen
Mujahideen are Muslims who struggle in the path of God. The word is from the same Arabic triliteral as jihad .Mujahideen is also transliterated from Arabic as mujahedin, mujahedeen, mudžahedin, mudžahidin, mujahidīn, mujaheddīn and more.-Origin of the concept:The beginnings of Jihad are traced...

 under Ahmad Shah Massoud. In recent years Panjshir was one of Afghanistan's most secure provinces and has not been subject to the same level of violence and insurgency found elsewhere in the country.
In spring 2010, the long-serving Governor Haji Bahlol Bahij was removed by President Karzai and replaced with a new Governor new Governor Kiramuddin Keram.

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