Oratory is a type of public speaking.Oratory may also refer to:* Oratory , a power metal band* Oratory , a place of worship* a religious order such as** Oratory of Saint Philip Neri ** Oratory of Jesus...

 is a type of public speaking.

Oratory may also refer to:
  • Oratory (band), a power metal band
  • Oratory (worship)
    Oratory (worship)
    An oratory is a Christian room for prayer, from the Latin orare, to pray.-Catholic church:In the Roman Catholic Church, an oratory is a structure other than a parish church, set aside by ecclesiastical authority for prayer and the celebration of Mass...

    , a place of worship
  • a religious order such as
    • Oratory of Saint Philip Neri
      Oratory of Saint Philip Neri
      The Oratory of Saint Philip Neri is a congregation of Catholic priests and lay-brothers who live together in a community bound together by no formal vows but only with the bond of charity. They are commonly referred to as Oratorians...

       (Roman Catholic)
    • Oratory of Jesus
      Oratory of Jesus
      The Society of the Oratory of Jesus , also known as French Oratory, is a catholic Congregation founded in 1611 in Paris by Pierre de Bérulle...

       (Roman Catholic)
    • Oratory of the Good Shepherd
      Oratory of the Good Shepherd
      The Oratory of the Good Shepherd is a dispersed international community of Anglicans, ordained and lay, bound by a common rule of celibate chastity, responsible spending, and direction of life.The OGS Rule calls members of the Oratory to daily Communion, Private Prayer, and the Office...

    • Teologisk Oratorium (Lutheran)
  • an Oratory School
    Oratory School
    An Oratory School is any of several schools founded or initially operated by the Oratorians , a congregation of Catholic priests.-List of Oratory Schools:...

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