Odinism is a type of Germanic Neopaganism.Odinism may also refer to:*Norse paganism** the cult of Odin- See also :*Odinist Fellowship*Odinic Rite*The Odin Brotherhood*Wotanism, a Völkisch / White Nationalist movement*Wodenism...

is a type of Germanic Neopaganism.

Odinism may also refer to:
  • Norse paganism
    Norse paganism
    Norse paganism is the religious traditions of the Norsemen, a Germanic people living in the Nordic countries. Norse paganism is therefore a subset of Germanic paganism, which was practiced in the lands inhabited by the Germanic tribes across most of Northern and Central Europe in the Viking Age...

    • the cult of Odin
      Odin is a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard. Homologous with the Anglo-Saxon "Wōden" and the Old High German "Wotan", the name is descended from Proto-Germanic "*Wodanaz" or "*Wōđanaz"....

See also

  • Odinist Fellowship
    Odinist Fellowship
    The Odinist Fellowship was the name of an early Odinist organization, founded by Else Christensen and her husband Alex Christensen in Canada in 1969...

  • Odinic Rite
    Odinic Rite
    The Odinic Rite is a religious organization, practicing a form of Northern Indo European religion termed Odinism after the chief god of Norse mythology, Odin...

  • The Odin Brotherhood
    The Odin Brotherhood
    The Odin Brotherhood is a secret society of men and women who practice a religion called Odinism or Asatru. These traditions belong to Germanic Neopaganism....

  • Wotanism
    Wotanism is the name of an American Heathen religion or socio-political current based on Germanic paganism and the doctrines of David Lane. Wotan is the German name for the Germanic god known in Norse as Odin...

    , a Völkisch / White Nationalist movement
  • Wodenism
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