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Newyddion is a Welsh-language
Welsh language
Welsh is a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages spoken natively in Wales, by some along the Welsh border in England, and in Y Wladfa...

 news programme consisting of Welsh, UK, and international news, produced daily by BBC Cymru Wales and broadcast on S4C
S4C , currently branded as S4/C, is a Welsh television channel broadcast from the capital, Cardiff. The first television channel to be aimed specifically at a Welsh-speaking audience, it is the fifth oldest British television channel .The channel - initially broadcast on...



The main evening programme is usually broadcast each weekday evening between 7:30pm and 8pm with shorter 15 minute editions airing at varying times on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

In 2009, a new service of short weekday bulletins were introduced. Five minute updates now air lunchtime (1:30pm), mid-afternoon (2:55pm), mid-evening (usually 8:55pm) and late night (times vary) with a short headline summary at 6:58pm.

In addition, a further short bulletin airs on Sunday afternoons alongside a weekly review programme for Welsh learners, Y Wythnos, and a children's news programme, Ffeil
Ffeil is a Welsh-language television news programme for children and young people, produced by BBC Cymru Wales for S4C.-Overview:...

, on weekdays.

S4C weather forecasts are broadcast before or after each bulletin as well as before closedown and produced by ITV Cymru.

Main anchors

  • Garry Owen (also Wales Today weekend presenter)
  • Dewi Llwyd

  • Nest Williams (Stand-in)

Bulletin presenters

  • Sara Gibson
  • Eleri Morgan

  • Iolo ap Dafydd


General Reporters

  • Bethan James
    Bethan James
    Bethan James is a BBC political reporter from Wales based in Westminster. She went to the high school Ysgol Maes Garmon, Mold.Following some intrepid trips to Colombia, Bethan joined BBC Wales' political team in 2002. She primarily works on BBC Wales opt outs of the Politics Show and BBC Wales'...

  • Elis Roberts
  • Rhodri Thomas
  • Nia Tudur

  • Jason Phelps
  • Llyr Edwards
  • Aled Scourfield
  • Iwan Griffiths

Specialist Correspondents

  • Iolo ap Dafydd (Environment & Rural Affairs Correspondent)
  • Vaughn Roderick (Welsh Affairs Editor)

  • Elin Gwilym (Health Correspondent)
  • Betsan Powys
    Betsan Powys
    Betsan Powys , is a Welsh journalist, currently the political editor for BBC Wales.A native Welsh speaker, Powys joined BBC Wales as a News Trainee in 1989, before joining the newsroom in Cardiff as a bilingual, bi-media reporter...

    (Political Editor)

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