Manfred V of Saluzzo
Manfred V was marquess of Saluzzo from 1330 and 1332, and later usurper from 1341-1342.

He was the second son of Manfred IV of Saluzzo
Manfred IV of Saluzzo
Manfred IV was the fifth marquess of Saluzzo from 1296, the son and successor of Thomas I.Manfred forced the commune of Saluzzo to sign a contract regulating the relations between the city, its podestà, and the marquess.Manfred also continued his father's extension of the margravial territory,...

 and first by his second wife, Isabella Doria. The influence of his mother at court caused his father to appoint him to succeed him as sixth marquess of Saluzzo. However, on the elder Manfred's death in 1330, his eldest son, Frederick
Frederick I of Saluzzo
Frederick I was Marquess of Saluzzo from 1330 until his death.He was the eldest son of Manfred IV of Saluzzo by his first wife Beatrice of Sicily. His maternal grandparents were Manfred of Sicily and Helena Angelina Doukaina....

, contested the throne and a civil war broke out. Through the intercession of Frederick's cousin, Amadeus VI of Savoy, Manfred was forced to cede the throne to his brother in 1334.

After the death of Frederick in 1336, Manfred declared war on the legitimate heir, his young nephew Thomas II
Thomas II of Saluzzo
Thomas II was Marquess of Saluzzo from 1336 to his death. He succeeded his father, Frederick I.His mother Margarete de La Tour du Pin, a daughter of Humbert I de La Tour du Pin, Dauphin de Viennois....

. His army was mostly composed by Angevine mercenaries. In 1341, after a short siege, Saluzzo surrendered and his troops sacked it, destroying also the castle. Thomas was imprisoned.

However, when the fortunes of Manfred's protector Robert of Anjou, King of Naples, declined after the battle of Gamenario
Battle of Gamenario
The Battle of Gamenario, fought on 22 April 1345, was a decisive battle of the wars between the Guelphs and Ghibellines...

, he was compelled by the Visconti
House of Visconti
Visconti is the family name of two important Italian noble dynasties of the Middle Ages. There are two distinct Visconti families: The first one in the Republic of Pisa in the mid twelfth century who achieved prominence first in Pisa, then in Sardinia where they became rulers of Gallura...

s to abandon Saluzzo in 1342.
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