List of economics films

List of economics films

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This is a list of economics films. It covers films that are principally about issues that fall under the banner of economics e.g. the stock market, business, corporations etc. It covers both fictional and documentary films.

Fictional films

  • American Psycho
    American Psycho (film)
    American Psycho is a 2000 cult thriller film directed by Mary Harron based on Bret Easton Ellis's novel of the same name. Though predominantly a psycho thriller, the film also blends elements of horror, satire, and black comedy...

  • August (1998)
  • The Bank
    The Bank (2001 film)
    The Bank is an 2001 Australian thriller/drama film starring David Wenham and Anthony LaPaglia.-Plot:Jim Doyle is a maverick mathematician who has devised a formula to predict the fluctuations of the stock market...

  • Barbarians at the Gate
    Barbarians at the Gate (film)
    Barbarians at the Gate is a television movie based upon the book by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, about the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco.The film was directed by Glenn Jordan and written by Larry Gelbart. It stars James Garner as F...

     (1993; TV movie)
  • The Big Kahuna
    The Big Kahuna (film)
    The Big Kahuna is a 1999 American comedy-drama film adapted from a play entitled Hospitality Suite, written by Roger Rueff, who also wrote the screenplay...

  • Boiler Room
    Boiler Room (film)
    Boiler Room is a 2000 American drama film written and directed by Ben Younger, and starring Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, Ben Affleck, Nicky Katt, Scott Caan, Tom Everett Scott, Ron Rifkin and Jamie Kennedy....

  • Buy & Cell
    Buy & Cell
    Buy & Cell is a 1987 comedy film directed by Robert Boris. The original music score was composed by Mark Shreeve.-Plot:Herbie Altman is framed by his business partner and sent to jail where he sets up "Con Inc." an investment company with the help of those around him.-Principal...

  • The Bonfire of the Vanities
    The Bonfire of the Vanities (film)
    The Bonfire of the Vanities is a 1990 American film adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name by Tom Wolfe. The film was directed by Brian De Palma and stars Tom Hanks as Sherman McCoy, Bruce Willis as Peter Fallow, Melanie Griffith as Maria Ruskin, and Kim Cattrall as Judy McCoy,...

  • Cash McCall
    Cash McCall
    Cash McCall is a 1960 movie starring James Garner and Natalie Wood, based upon the novel of the same name by Cameron Hawley about a man who buys businesses in order to sell them at a profit...

  • Dealers
    Dealers (film)
    Dealers is a 1989 British film directed by Colin Bucksey. It stars Paul McGann and Rebecca De Mornay.-Cast:*Paul McGann as Daniel Pascoe*Rebecca De Mornay as Anna Schuman*Derek O'Connor as Robbie Barrell*John Castle as Frank Mallory...

  • Glengarry Glen Ross
    Glengarry Glen Ross (film)
    Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 American drama film, adapted by David Mamet from his acclaimed 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name...

  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (film)
    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is a 1967 American musical comedy film based on the 1961 stage musical of the same name, which in turn was based on the book written by Shepherd Mead...

  • The Hudsucker Proxy
    The Hudsucker Proxy
    The Hudsucker Proxy is a 1994 screwball comedy film written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Sam Raimi co-wrote the script and served as second unit director....

  • The Informant! (2009)
  • The Insider
    The Insider (film)
    The Insider is a 1999 film based on the true story of a 60 Minutes television series segment, as seen through the eyes of a real tobacco executive, Jeffrey Wigand. The 60 Minutes story originally aired in November 1995 in an altered form because of objections by CBS’ then-owner, Laurence Tisch, who...

  • Margin Call
    Margin Call
    Margin Call is a 2011 American independent drama film, written and directed by J.C. Chandor. The film has an ensemble cast that includes Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker, and Penn Badgley...

  • Office Space
    Office Space
    Office Space is a 1999 American comedy film satirizing work life in a typical 1990s software company. Written and directed by Mike Judge, it focuses on a handful of individuals fed up with their jobs portrayed by Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Gary Cole, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, and Diedrich...

  • Other People's Money
    Other People's Money
    Other People's Money is a 1991 drama/romantic comedy film starring Danny DeVito, Penelope Ann Miller and Gregory Peck. It is based on the play of the same name by Jerry Sterner. The director was Norman Jewison and the screenplay was credited to Alvin Sargent.-Plot:Corporate raider Lawrence...

  • Owning Mahowny
    Owning Mahowny
    Owning Mahowny is a 2003 movie about gambling addiction with a cast that includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, Maury Chaykin and John Hurt.-Plot:...

  • The Pursuit of Happyness
    The Pursuit of Happyness
    Varèse Sarabande released the soundtrack on January 9, 2007, which included sixteen tracks.-Box office:The film debuted first at the North American box office, earning $27 million during its opening weekend and beating out heavily promoted films such as Eragon and Charlotte's Web...

  • Rogue Trader
    Rogue Trader (film)
    Rogue Trader is a 1999 drama film directed by James Dearden about former derivatives broker Nick Leeson and the 1995 collapse of Barings Bank...

  • Rollover
    Rollover (film)
    Rollover is a 1981 political and financial thriller directed by Alan J. Pakula and starring Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson.-Plot summary:...

  • The Scam
    The Scam (2009 film)
    The Scam is 2009 South Korean film which stars Park Yong-ha and Kim Min-jeong is the first stock market film in Korean movie history and also the last work of Park Yong-ha before he committed suicide one year later.-Plot:...

     (2009; Korean title Jak Jeon)
  • The Secret of My Success (1987)
  • The Solid Gold Cadillac
    The Solid Gold Cadillac
    The Solid Gold Cadillac is a 1956 film directed by Richard Quine and written by Abe Burrows, Howard Teichmann and George S. Kaufman. It was adapted from the hit Broadway play of the same name by Teichmann and Kaufman, in which they pillory big business and corrupt businessmen...

  • Trading Places
    Trading Places
    Trading Places is a 1983 American comedy film, of the satire genre, directed by John Landis, starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. It tells the story of an upper class commodities broker and a homeless street hustler whose lives cross paths when they are unknowingly made part of an elaborate bet...

  • Up in the Air
    Up in the Air (film)
    Up in the Air is a 2009 American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and co-written by Reitman and Sheldon Turner. It is a film adaptation of the 2001 novel of the same name, written by Walter Kirn. The story is about a corporate downsizer Ryan Bingham and his travels...

  • Wall Street (1987)
  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
  • The Wheeler Dealers
    The Wheeler Dealers
    The Wheeler Dealers is a 1963 comedy film starring James Garner and Lee Remick and featuring Chill Wills and Jim Backus...

  • Woman's World
    Woman's World (film)
    Woman's World, also known as A Woman's World, is a 1954 drama film about corporate America. Three men compete for the top job at a large company.-Plot:...

  • Working Girl
    Working Girl
    Working Girl is a 1988 romantic comedy film written by Kevin Wade and directed by Mike Nichols. It tells the inspiring story of a Staten Island-raised secretary, Tess McGill , working in the mergers and acquisitions department of a Wall Street investment bank...



  • 25 Million Pounds
    25 Million Pounds
    25 Million Pounds is a 1996 British documentary film by filmmaker Adam Curtis. It details the collapse of Barings Bank in the mid-1990s due to the machinations of Nick Leeson, who lost £827 million primarily by speculating on futures contracts.-Summary:The film describes Barings as one of the...

     (1996; TV documentary)
  • The Big One
    The Big One (film)
    The Big One is a movie filmed in 1996—and released in 1998 by Miramax Films—by Michael Moore during his promotion tour around the United States for his book Downsize This!...

  • Capitalism: A Love Story
    Capitalism: A Love Story
    Capitalism: A Love Story is a 2009 American documentary film directed, written by and starring Michael Moore. The film centers on the late-2000s financial crisis and the recovery stimulus, while putting forward an indictment of the current economic order in the United States and capitalism in general...

  • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
    Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
    Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is a 2005 documentary film based on the best-selling 2003 book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, a study of one of the largest business scandals in American history...

  • Freakonomics: The Movie (2010)
  • The Corporation (2003)
  • Generation Zero
    Generation Zero
    Generation Zero: The Truth About the Financial Meltdown is a documentary film written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by David Bossie for Citizens United.-Subject matter:...

  • Globalisation Is Good
    Globalisation is Good
    Globalisation is Good is a 2003 documentary film written and presented by Johan Norberg and produced by Freeform Productions for British Channel 4. The film is based on Norberg's much celebrated book In Defense of Global Capitalism that shows his view of the impact of globalisation, and the...

     (2003; TV documentary film)
  • Inside Job
    Inside Job (film)
    Inside Job is a 2010 documentary film about the late-2000s financial crisis directed by Charles H. Ferguson. The film is described by Ferguson as being about "the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption." In five...

  • I.O.U.S.A.
    I.O.U.S.A. is a 2008 American documentary film directed by Patrick Creadon. The film focuses on the shape and impact of the United States national debt. The film features Robert Bixby, director of the Concord Coalition, and David Walker, the former U.S...

  • Let's Make Money
    Let's Make Money
    Let’s Make Money is an Austrian documentary by Erwin Wagenhofer released in 2008. It is about aspects of the development of the world wide financial system, focussing on how elitists economically exploit the rest of society, especially in the developing world, but also in western nations.-...

  • Life and Debt
    Life and Debt
    Life and Debt is a 2001 American documentary film directed by Stephanie Black. It examines the economic and social situation in Jamaica, and specifically the impact thereon of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank's globalization policies...

  • Maquilapolis: City of Factories
    Maquilapolis: City of Factories
    Maquilápolis [city of factories] is a 2006 documentary filmed in Tijuana, Baja California, about the factories on the U.S.-Mexican border in which workers are paid $11 a day to work in manufacturing plants that provide few bathroom breaks and dangerous working conditions.Maquilápolis was directed...

  • Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders (2007)
  • Roger and Me (1989)
  • Squeezed
    Squeezed (film)
    Squeezed: The Cost of Free Trade in the Asia-Pacific is a 2007 film produced by Global Trade Watch and Scarab Studio.Squeezed was filmed in Thailand and The Philippines in July 2007, and publicly screened for the first time in September 2007, at events leading up to the 2007 APEC summit in Sydney,...

  • is a 2001 documentary film that chronicles the dot-com start-up phenomenon and its eventual end. The film follows e-commerce website govWorks and its founders Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman from 1999-2000 as the Internet bubble was bursting.-Production:The film was made by...

  • Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
    Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
    Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price is a 2005 documentary film by director Robert Greenwald. The film presents an unfavorable picture of Wal-Mart's business practices through interviews with former employees, small business owners, and footage of Wal-Mart executives...

  • The Yes Men
    The Yes Men (film)
    The Yes Men Fix the World is a documentary film about the culture jamming exploits of The Yes Men. The film premiered in New York City and Los Angeles on October 23, 2009 and in other U.S. cities beginning on October 30...

  • The Yes Men Fix the World (2008)