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Hittite texts

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The corpus of texts written in the Hittite language
Hittite language
Hittite is the extinct language once spoken by the Hittites, a people who created an empire centred on Hattusa in north-central Anatolia...

is indexed by the Catalogue des Textes Hittites (CTH, since 1971, edited by Emmanuel Laroche
Emmanuel Laroche
Emmanuel Laroche was an expert of ancient Anatolian languages . He was professor of Anatolian studies at the Collège de France, 1973–1985.-Works:*Dictionnaire de la langue louvite, 1959...

). Studies of selected texts are published in the StBoT series.

The CTH numbering is arranged as follows: Historical Texts (CTH 1-220)
  • Administrative Texts (CTH 221-290)Legal Texts (CTH 291-298)
  • Lexical Texts (CTH 299-309)
  • Literary Texts (CTH 310-320) Mythological Texts (CTH 321-370)
  • Hymns and Prayers (CTH 371-389) Ritual Texts (CTH 390-500)
  • Cult Inventory Texts (CTH 501-530)
  • Omen and Oracle Texts (CTH 531-582)
  • Vows (CTH 583-590)
  • Festival Texts (CTH 591-724)
  • Texts in Other Languages (CTH 725-830)
  • Texts of Unknown Type (CTH 831-833)

Old Kingdom

  • Anitta text
  • Hittite military oath
    Hittite military oath
    The Hittite military oath is a Hittite text on two cuneiform tablets.The first tablet is only preserved in fragments , the second tablet survives in three copies, and can be restituted almost completely. The oldest copy is fragmentary, but two younger copies are well preserved...

  • Hittite laws
    Hittite laws
    The Hittite laws have been preserved on a number of Hittite cuneiform tablets found at Hattusa . Copies have been found written in Old Hittite as well as in Middle and Late Hittite, indicating that they had validity throughout the duration of the Hittite Empire The Hittite laws have been preserved...

  • Myth of Illuyanka
    In Hittite mythology, Illuyanka was a serpentine dragon slain by Tarhunt , the Hittite incarnation of the Hurrian god of sky and storm. It is known from Hittite cuneiform tablets found at Çorum-Boğazköy, the former Hittite capital Hattusa...

New Kingdom

  • Kikkuli
    Kikkuli, "master horse trainer of the land Mitanni" was the author of a chariot horse training text written in the Hittite language, dating to the Hittite New Kingdom...

    's horse training instructions
  • Manapa-Tarhunda letter
  • Milawata letter
    Milawata letter
    The Milawata letter is a diplomatic correspondence from a Hittite king at Hattusa to a client king in western Anatolia around 1240 BCE...

  • Tawagalawa letter
    Tawagalawa letter
    The Tawagalawa letter was written by a Hittite king to a king of Ahhiyawa around 1250 BC. This letter, of which only the third tablet has been preserved, concerns the activities of an adventurer Piyama-Radu against the Hittites, and requests his extradition to Hatti under assurances of safe conduct...

  • Song of Kumarbi
  • Story of Appu

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