Herbert III, Count of Meaux

Herbert III, Count of Meaux

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Herbert the Younger was the Count of Troyes (as Herbert I) and Meaux (as Herbert III) from 966 and Omois (as Herbert IV) from 984. He belonged to the House of Vermandois and was a son of Robert
Robert of Vermandois
Robert of Vermandois was Count of Meaux after his father, Heribert II, Comte de Vermandois and his wife, Adele of France....

 and Adelaide Werra.

He inherited his father's domains in 966 and those of his uncle, Herbert III of Omois, in 984. He was a partisan and supporter of King Lothair
Lothair of France
Lothair , sometimes called Lothair IV, was the Carolingian king of West Francia , son of Louis IV and Gerberga of Saxony.-Regency:...

 and followed on his conquest of Upper Lorraine, after which he was guarded the captive Godfrey I of Verdun
Godfrey I, Count of Verdun
Godfrey I , called the Prisoner or the Captive , sometimes the Old , was the count of Bidgau and Methingau from 959 and the count of Verdun from 963 to his death. In 969, he obtained the margravate of Antwerp and Ename...

. After the death of Lothair's heir, Louis V
Louis V of France
Louis V , called the Indolent or the Sluggard , was the King of Western Francia from 986 until his early death...

, in 987, Herbert sided with Odo I of Blois and backed Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine
Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine
Charles of Lorraine was the son of Louis IV of France and Gerberga of Saxony and younger brother of King Lothair. He was a sixth generation descendant of Charlemagne...

, probably his brother-in-law. Herbert's wife's name is unknown. She was the daughter of a "Count Stephen". His son and heir was Stephen
Stephen I of Vermandois
Stephen I of Vermandois was the seventh Count of Meaux after his father Herbert of Vermandois.He died without issue. The title of Count of Meaux passed to Odo II of Blois....