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Greyhound Park

Greyhound Park

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Greyhound Park is the only greyhound racing
Greyhound racing
Greyhound racing is the sport of racing greyhounds. The dogs chase a lure on a track until they arrive at the finish line. The one that arrives first is the winner....

 venue located in Adelaide, South Australia and has an approximate capacity of around 4,000. The track held its first registered meeting with full betting facilities on 20th April, 1972.

The track has a sand surface and a cable lure system and is 457m long with a width of 6.5m. There are full TAB
Totalizator Agency Board
Totalisator Agency Board in Australia and New Zealand, universally shortened to TAB, is the name given to monopoly totalisator organisations. All were originally government owned...

facilities and bookmakers on site with race meetings taking place on Monday and Thursday nights and Wednesday mornings.