Erica Jong
Erica Jong is an American
United States
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 author and teacher best known for her fiction and poetry.
A 1963 graduate of Barnard College
Barnard College
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, and with an M.A. in 18th century English Literature from Columbia University
Columbia University
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 (1965), Jong is best known for her first novel
A novel is a book of long narrative in literary prose. The genre has historical roots both in the fields of the medieval and early modern romance and in the tradition of the novella. The latter supplied the present generic term in the late 18th century....

, Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying (novel)
Fear of Flying is a 1973 novel by Erica Jong, which became famously controversial for its attitudes towards female sexuality, and figured in the development of second-wave feminism....

(1973), which created a sensation with its frank treatment of a woman's sexual desires
Human female sexuality
Human female sexuality encompasses a broad range of behaviors and processes, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior, the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, and spiritual or religious aspects of sex...

. Although it contains many sexual elements, the book is mainly the account of a young, hypersensitive woman, in her late twenties, trying to find who she is and where she is going.

Underneath it all, you longed to be annihilated by love...

Each one an antidote to the one that went before. Each one a reaction, an about-face, a rebound.

(About Men)

The zipless fuck is absolutely pure. It is free of ulterior motives. There is no power game . The man is not "taking" and the woman is not "giving." No one is attempting to cuckold a husband or humiliate a wife . No one is trying to prove anything or get anything out of anyone. The zipless fuck is the purest thing there is. And it is rarer than the unicorn. And I have never had one.

Pregnancy seemed like a tremendous abdication of control. Something growing inside you which would eventually usurp your life.

I'm just trying to lead my own fucking life if I can manage to find it in all this confusion.

Dancing is like fucking... it doesn't matter how you look - just concentrate on how you feel.

I want you. I want you. I want you. Anything to avoid saying: I love you.

The ultimate sexist put-down: the prick which lies down on the job.

Silence is the bluntest of blunt instruments.

I'm very dependant. I fall apart regularly.