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Dennis Yablonsky

Dennis Yablonsky

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Dennis Yablonsky is the CEO of the Allegheny Conference
Allegheny Conference
The Allegheny Conference on Community Development is an nonprofit, private sector leadership organization dedicated to economic development and quality of life issues for the greater Pittsburgh region, Pennsylvania, United States....

. He previously served as a member of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's
Ed Rendell
Edward Gene "Ed" Rendell is an American politician who served as the 45th Governor of Pennsylvania. Rendell, a member of the Democratic Party, was elected Governor of Pennsylvania in 2002, and his term of office began January 21, 2003...

 cabinet as Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development is a cabinet-level state agency in Pennsylvania.The Financially Distressed Municipalities Act , also known as Act 47, empowers the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to declare certain municipalities in...

. He was nominated for that position in 2003. He resigned 2008.

He holds a degree from the University of Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati
The University of Cincinnati is a comprehensive public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a part of the University System of Ohio....

. He was CEO of Carnegie Group Incorporated from 1987 through 1999. Prior to that, he served various roles, including President and CEO, for Cicom Systems.

He was named to the PoliticsPA
- Content :The website focuses on news aggregation, linking to major political news making headlines across the state. The editors write occasional features, like the weekly "Up & Down" scorecard and one-off lists like "Harrisburg's Smartest Staffer" and "Best Dressed Lobbyist" lists...

list of "Pennsylvania's Smartest Staffers and Operatives."

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Dennis Yablonsky was president and CEO of CinCom Systems, Inc.